Wednesday, April 30, 2008

100 Things

For those of you who may not know, the '100 Things' post is somewhat of a tradition in the blog world. When you get to your 100th post, you create a list of 100 things about you. Mine may not look exactly like some others but I am thrilled to make my submission. Enjoy!

1. I was born in Orange, CA.
2. I rode Space Mountain free before it was officially open-a big deal in the days of the E-ticket.
3. I have one younger brother. (He blogs over at Words. Occasionally.)
4. My parents started dating at 14 years old, in 1956. They got married in 1964 and are still together.
5. Because of their example I was convinced that I would marry my high school love.
6. I didn’t. (Thank goodness!!)
7. I played the guitar as a kid.
8. I also learned the violin.
9. And the clarinet.
10. I can’t play any of these today.
11. I love to sing.
12. As a kid I sang everything, everywhere, and my brother hated it.
13. I still know the words to just about every song I’ve ever known.
14. My secret dream , then and now, is to be a famous singer.
15. I’ve settled for my church worship team for over 8 years now. (I don't do this anymore.)
16. My first solo/duet was in the 6th grade singing “There’s a Hole in the Bucket.”
17. I hated Junior High.
18. As an adult I kinda dig jr. high age kids.
19. I was a cheerleader for 5 years in jr. and high school.
20. It got me the nickname ‘Spirit Bunny”. (Do you know the cinematic reference?)
21. That is on my letter jacket.
22. I regret that I never got a class ring.
23. I am still friends with 3 of the girls that I cheered with.
24. My daughter is also a cheerleader. (Was)
25. I didn’t feel ‘popular’ in high school.
26. I realized as an adult that I was more popular than I thought.
27. It still doesn’t change the tears.
28. In high school and college I preferred hanging out with the ‘guys’ because I didn’t like the girl drama.
29. I still don’t.
30. I consider myself a Parrot Head.
31. I went to my first Jimmy Buffet concert when I was 8 or 9.
32. I think my last Buffet concert was around 1990.
33. I keep missing him, as he is touring less now.
34. I grew up in the mountains of Colorado.
35. I wish I lived there now.
36. Someday I will be able to go back, and not just for vacation.
37. I learned to snow ski at age 6.
38. I haven’t skied in about 9 12 years.
39. I love snow.
40. I live in an area where it does not snow.
41. I would rather drive in snow than rain.
42. My favorite sport is football, hands down.
43. My favorite NFL team is the Denver Broncos.
44. My favorite college team is the University of Tennessee Volunteers.
45. I attended UT as a freshman.
46. I got homesick for Colorado and quit.
47. I am a member of a college sorority.
48. It has been a great experience-one that I would not trade for anything.
49. I worked for said sorority as a chapter consultant.
50. I would not be the person I am today without that experience.
51. I have a BA in English
52. Until I started writing this blog I never really used it. (Do I now?) (I now help my boys classes with writing.)
53. My degree did not include a course in Shakespeare.
54. How does that happen?
55. I worked for a music/book distribution company.
56. THAT was a fun job.
57. They moved me across the country to South Carolina.
58. We had conventions where we got to have private concerts by artists like Vince Gill, Aaron Tippin, and others.
59. Vince Gill was a jerk the night he played for us.
60. I was up for a well-deserved promotion but got screwed.
61. I quit.
62. Living in SC was the most fun I had in my 20’s.
63. I moved to Knoxville again for 9 months.
64. That is where I started working for Macaroni Grill.
65. I was a server, shift manager, trainer, and Traveling Developer for them.
66. A Traveling Developer goes to open new restaurants.
67. I opened restaurants in Virginia, 5 in California, and Basildon, England, UK.
68. I moved back to Colorado in the middle of all of that.
69. Opening restaurants is how I met Headless Dad and Headless Girl.
70. They came in for dinner on opening night.
71. HG was the one that suggested he get my number and take me out.
72. We were married 1 year and 1 day from when we met.
73. Our first kiss was on our first date.
74. I leaned in the window of the Corvette that he was driving to kiss him. Now it is forever known as the “Corvette Kiss.”
75. We married on November 22, 1997.
76. Our first year of marriage was hard.
77. My father-in-law lived with us for 3 months of recovery from heart surgery.
78. I loved being an “insta-mom” to a 7 year old,
79. But it was HARD and I’ve made many mistakes.
80. I was her Brownie leader one year.
81. I continued working part-time after we were married.
82. Macaroni Grill sent me to England for their first international opening.
83. One of our duties was to taste the dishes for quality and consistency to the US dishes.
84. Nothing tasted quite right to me.
85. HD an HG met me there when I was done working.
86. We had a great vacation there.
87. We also found out that I was pregnant with Headless Boy1 while we were there.
88. No wonder nothing tasted right.
89. I was never really sick while I was pregnant.
90. I got food poisoning while I was pregnant.
91. I’ll spare you the details except that it was really gross.
92. HB1 was born on November 28, 1999.
93. HG was 9 when he was born. It took a little adjustment going from ‘only’ to ‘big sister’.
94. She is an AWESOME big sister.
95. Headless Boy 2 was born 23 months later.
96. He is the monstrosity I refer to. ELEVEN pounds. I was congratulated on my toddler while I was in the hospital.
97. Due to my pregnancies and nursing I did not have a period from January 1999 until October of 2002. 4 years. Bliss. (Sorry if that is TMI.)
98. Headless Dad and I will not have any more children. He fixed that problem shortly after HB2 was born.
99. I was a hermit much of the time that the boys were young.
100. The thing that I’ve wanted to do most in my life, I’m doing-being a wife and mom. I may not be the best but I love every day that God has given me with these amazing people that I am able to call my family.

You’ll have to come back in a few months for more- I enjoyed doing this so much that it might be a regular thing.

Thanks to all of you that have made this experiment a success. I really love writing like this, and it seems that some of you like reading it, too.

(Red-edited July 2009)
(Green-edited October 2010)


Backpacking Dad said...

I don't know....some of those didn't sound like "things" :}

36, 48, 54....;}

Keetha Broyles said...

Oh dear, I knew NOTHING of this tradition, and sailed right past my 100th post with nary a THOUGHT of doing it. Does that mean I HAVE to do my 697 things now?????

Nope - - - ain't a gonna do it - - - that would be mucho boring!!!


Keetha Broyles said...

Your 100 things were not boring - - - they were quite entertaining. But 697 things, well, even the THOUGHT of it is boring.

Sam said...

My responses to some of these:

12. I was a stupid kid, what'd I know?
14. Secret's out! :)
16. Didn't you have pink eye or something? I thought you were sick around performance time...
22. I sorta do. I remember wanting to get surfing and hockey on my ring. Just because - I had done neither at that point. :D
51. I don't think I quite realised we have the same degree! Did you have an emphasis?
53. I think I had 3 Shakespeare courses! I *loved* them.
76. What was hard, just the adjustment, or was 77 the reason?
97. It's your blog, dude. :)

Congrats on 100 posts. You rule. :)

I can't find my blog said...

Ok STB, I'll answer your questions:

16-Yes, Mom and Dad were out of town and I had pink eye in both eyes. The show must go on!!
51- No emphasis, just a really crappy degree that, it seems, probably isn't worth the paper it's printed on.
76- All of it was hard-having FIL there, moving to a new state, being a new mom, learning what it meant to be a wife, all of it.

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

Spirit Bunny.

Like Donnie Darko?

Biddy said...

umm...i think we may be long lost sisters.

cousins, at least...

Biddy said...

things we have in common, just from this post:
6 (i'm so so glad i didn't marry my high school sweetheart)
11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 18, 19, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 60.

100 (the one thing i KNOW i want to be is a wife and mother)

you apparently like (or at least tolerate) country music, and yes, vince gill can be a total jerk! also? i seriously considered going to university of tennessee! tennessee is one of my favorite places to visit