Monday, November 30, 2015

No Complaints

If you noticed, I did NaBloPoMo with no complaints this year. Usually I'm bitching and moaning by day 5. I guess after 7 years you get the hang of it?

Something I learned this year has mostly happened in my head. I have grand plans for blog posts, and major things to say, and yet?  Most of the month I wrote fluff. I'm sorry about that. First of all, I was, AM, afraid of saying something that is unpopular. I know that this is my space, but I like having friends. Second, I want to be an example of a 'good Christian' and I would hate to say something that would give someone more ammunition to point the finger at 'those Christians'. Especially because those posts composed in my head are not necessarily very nice. Ouch.

I guess what it boils sown to is that I feel like I've lost my voice. I really thought that I would find it by writing every day but that hasn't been the case. I feel more tongue-tied than ever. Even issues that should have been a slam-dunk, (red cups, anyone?), felt more like lead balloons. (Not that I've ever been one to write about the day's popular or controversial topics, but it's easy.)

Maybe it's the time of day that I have available to write. 10 pm after a long day on my feet isn't the best time to pump out a cute story about the kids, or scathing commentary on today's most popular Facebook story. But often this is my only time to write, (like tonight!) Editorial calendars have never been my strong suit.

One thing I did learn, though, is that I do love having this space. I no longer feel pressure to write often, but I love having the space ready for when I do want to write. I like it here. I'm not going anywhere!


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Congratulation's on doing the NaBloPoMo! It is nice to have this space to write and I enjoyed your posts.

Anna Whiston-Donaldson said...

I agree about the importance of having this space! XO

Kate Coveny Hood said...

I'm being a blogger again (you know with with my two whole posts on the new website this week!) and visiting the people who comment on my site. Didn't realize how much I missed the "visiting" part. Will read back on the NaBloMo posts. I agree with Anna - it IS important. I stopped blogging regularly a while back (like years) and it was kind of freeing to think, "it's okay - I don't have a blog boss setting deadlines for me to meet. This space is for me - for when I want or need it." Also - I'd love to hear anything you have to say - popular or not.