Friday, June 29, 2018


In one week I will be 50 years old.

Like, really? How does that happen?

Ok, technically, I know how it happens. But we get so caught up in day to day life that sometimes things like this creep up on you and, BAM! You're 50 years old. A half-century. Like when your children are all of a sudden moving out or getting married and you wonder where the years went in between sleepy infant-hood and responsible-bill-paying-adulting? Same phenomenon. Weird.

I'm not to concerned about 50, really. I don't mind the number, itself, but I have started to reflect. Notice changes. And not just the physical ones.

I'm old enough to speak with some authority on life issues, at least in the way that I've experienced them. But also old enough to realize that my experience does not make it law. Old enough and weary enough of life and cycles that I no longer put stock in "politics" or "issues", but in family, and love, and creating a safe place in my home and heart for those that are around me.

I've let go of caring if people know that I've unfollowed them on social media. I no longer have time in my life for people or things that don't respect me or my time or my energy. What does that mean? Return my phone calls, texts, or emails. Honor your commitments to me. Be honest when there needs to be a change in plans, or if I've done something that has hurt you. I'm a big girl. I can take it. I'm also learning how to be honest with the people in my life and have the tough conversations. Sure, it's still a work in progress, but I'm learning. I'm embracing the learning because I know that I (and you,) will be happier and healthier because of it. That is growth, y'all.

50 is an age for reflection like no other before it. I look back on my teens and 20's and am so thankful that we didn't have social media to record all of our mistakes and heartaches. Those years of growth and learning are much better remembered with the haze of time blurring the edges and softening the blow of harsh realities of uninformed opinions and lack of wisdom. Much less comparison of our older bodies and faces mapped with the lines of good living, to the not-even-airbrushed photos of our youth. Sometimes there are things better left unsaid or unviewed! My thirties were a blur of diapers and naps, and cheer competitions, trying to be the perfect wife and mom, and feeling like I was failing miserably. 40 brought perspective. Now 50.

So many things learned in a half-century of living and so many of them long forgotten. Like the name of that boy that I had a crush on, or the address of my first apartment; fleeting things that at the time seemed so important but fade. These things remain: faith, hope, and love. The memories of these things. They remain.

This is what going beyond 50 looks like: holding fast to the things that really matter.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Time and Again

The funny thing about time is... well, it never stops.

See, in my head is till feel like I'm about 25. The mirror reminds me otherwise! And the calendar reminds me that 25 was 25 years ago. Ahem.

And sometimes, if the wind is just right and I'm lost in thought, I'm snuggling my babies while watching Little Bill, and get a big whiff of their sweaty little boy heads. It was just this morning, right?

Or a chill of fall comes through the air and I'm sitting in the stands of a Friday night football game paying little attention to the field, instead, I'm watching my girl dance and jump her way through another routine. A tear of pride blurs my vision....

Was it really 6 months ago that I updated you? That I began to share our 20th anniversary trip and then dropped out of sight? Sigh. So much time and so many memories, so many stories to share, yet where to start? What about you? What has been told in your story this year?

Since time marches on, I guess it's time to update the About page. Dust off the keyboard. Share my stories again and ask about yours. I've been craving your words, and my fingers have been aching to tell the tales.

Dazzle me with you. I'll try to do the same. Let me hold your hand, and you can hold mine and we'll get back to where we used to be... Young and in love with life and time.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

And...We're Off!

There is nothing worse than bumper to bumper traffic on your way out of town, mid morning on a Saturday. Thankfully, this was the worst of it!

Because this is our view for the next few days!

Any guesses of where we are? And if you follow me on Facebook you're not allowed to guess!

Friday, November 17, 2017

Patio, Completed

We are thrilled with how the patio came out! The color is perfect!

The lights and fans are great. 

We found a local auction that had patio furniture. For a few hours of our time we found this set for about half of what we wee able to find it for anywhere else. Not a bad tradeoff! HD already spends more time out there than inside when he is home. He already has his sights set on an outside heater and a tv to mount on the wall. Looks like there will be even more parties out there!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Going Under

I'm on another launch team! This time for Going Under by Michelle Kemper Brownlow. This is the first of 3 and I've heard great things about Gracie's story. I can't wait to read it and share it with you! Read about it on Goodreads before you can buy it on December 12.