Monday, January 7, 2013

The Little Things

Shortly before Thanksgiving I started taking some little steps to eat better. Eat less. I knew the holidays were coming and didn't want to be that much further behind the 8 ball with my weight. I'm not super heavy for my height but I've got to watch it or it could easily get out of hand.

My routine in the morning regarding food forever has been coffee then eat around noon. I know. So I've permanently cut that 3rd cup out. I've also been trying to eat some kind of breakfast no later than 10 am. (Hey, baby steps, people.) Most mornings I'll just have a bowl of cereal, but at least it's something. Sometimes oatmeal, sometimes a fried egg on a toasted english muffin. Something.

The second thing that I've done pretty consistently is have fruit for an afternoon snack. In November it was Honey Crisp apples. Recently it's been Cuties. I sometimes have to force myself to do it but it's a habit now that I'm reaching for fruit rather than crackers or something else.

Finally, I've been having reasonable portions at dinner. I'm not really much into sweets-'real' food is more of a weakness for me. At first, it was hard to stop while the rest of the family was still eating but I've settled into it. And it has helped. I don't typically have a problem eating after dinner, so most nights I don't have anything but a little wine and/or water after dinner.

All of these little changes have worked. I've lost 5 pounds and am back in my favorite jeans. Don't get me wrong, they're still tight around the waist, but I can wear them. I'll count it as an early 2013 win!


  1. Losing 5 pounds over the holidays is like losing 15 any other time of the year. Congratulations!

    I'm up about 5 pounds, but weigh a few less than last year at this time, so I'm calling that my win. :) But also getting back into a healthier routine, of course.

  2. i agree w/ kathleen! losing 5 lbs around the holidays is no small feat. xo

  3. That is awesome! Good for you. Baby steps add up to distances, right? Keep it up!

  4. excellent work. I gained over Christmas but I can tell you every little bite or extra bite I had.


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