Friday, December 21, 2012

Marvel Avengers: Win!

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As you guys know, my kids have an affinity for the war-type games. They're boys, ya know? But Marvel Avengers has changed that somewhat. I was skepitcal. Wasn't sure they'd like it. This is how it goes...

My #2 was the first to try it with his friend from the neighborhood. Immediately I heard laughing and the requisite "ugh" "oof" "hooah"! This Kinect game gets the boys moving and still has the 'fight' element that the teen and preteen in my house want. They really liked it and are playing it a lot. Interestingly enough, the next day #2 told me that he was a little sore in his arms where he was punching. Unintended exercise -Yay!

After the two younger boys tried it, Mom had her chance. Honestly, I was laughing so hard I could hardly follow the on-screen movements. There's punching, kicking, and jumping. And, as I learned, if you can't follow then just do it all as fast as you can while laughing. I didn't do so bad after all! It felt like a great workout for me too.

My older boy, #1, liked it as well. He likes that he can play on XBOX live and compare scores with his friends because you know, when you're 13 it's all about the competition and who is winning. Leveling up is a big thing for this one and while it's pretty easy to level up he is ACTIVE doing it. Win!

Get your copy of Marvel Avengers from Amazon or your favorite retailer. (It's discounted 10% today on Amazon!) I'm excited to have it for the after-Christmas let down when my kids start whining about being bored and I start whining about them not getting enough exercise. (Honestly, why do kids do that?) I'm thinking a tournament with all of the neighborhood boys- All ages will be welcome and all will have a blast!

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