Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Obvious Game: Exposed

5 years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Rita Arens in San Fransisco. I was new to blogging, new to conferences, and (yikes!) new to this whole writing thing. Rita is one writer that I've grown to respect personally and professionally. She was the Editor of Sleep is for the Weak, a compilation of early blogging essays about motherhood, that was on sale during the conference. (Great read, not an affiliate link.) I have read her short stories and been waiting, waiting!, for her book to be published.

I'm pleased to be a part of the cover reveal for her first Young Adult novel, The Obvious Game.

I will be the first one in line to get this! Knowing part of Rita's personal story and her skill as a story-teller makes this on my Must Read list in February 2013. I hope it's on yours too!

The publisher is hosting a giveaway for one copy of the book and 2 copies of the ebook. Enter to win below! (Open to residents of the US, UK, and Canada only.)

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Officially, about the author:
Rita Arens is the author of THE OBVIOUS GAME and the editor of the award-winning parenting anthology SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK. She writes the popular blog Surrender, Dorothy ( and lives in Kansas City with her husband and daughter. THE OBVIOUS GAME is her first young adult novel. She is at work on a second.
Unofficially, she's just plain awesome. Go visit her blog to see what I mean. I promise she doesn't disappoint.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so honored by this! It's funny how we all get connected as time passes, isn't it? Thank you, thank you!