Monday, December 17, 2007

Holiday checklist

For those of you who are curious (are there any of you?) I finally got the last 2 packages out on Friday afternoon. As far behind as I've been I feel like I have somewhat caught up. The done/to do list:

Headless Kid shopping-mostly done
Headless Dad shopping-partly done
Other family members that will be here-not even started *yikes!*

But! Here we have some done things- beginning baking, decoration boxes put away (no tripping in the hall!), baby gift bought and sent.

On another note, I really wish I could participate in this but I've got too much to do. Maybe next year. Go on over and have some fun!

I also want to say Happy Anniversary to Carmen and the Hubster-Go over and read their great story.

If there are any lurkers out there please give me some holiday love-I'd love to know that you're out there and give you a big holiday kiss!

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