Saturday, February 9, 2008

The All-American Pastime

I love baseball and have since I was a kid. It's not football, but runs a close second. I'm not freaky about any particular team; the closest I get is the Colorado Rockies. I just really enjoy going to the park and catching a game.

Anyway, now is where the headless part of my life begins. Headless Boy 2 is a baseball kid. Loves it, and at 6 is a pretty good slugger. Headless Boy 1 isn't much of a team sport guy, played winter ball last fall and hated it. Said he never wanted to play again. HB2 was so excited when the flyer came home and it was time for spring sign ups. HB1 screamed until we said he didn't have to play.(It was for about a second and a half. Flash back 1 year and both boys were on different teams for t-ball: 2 practices and 2 games per week per team, 2 snack bar duties per team, you get the picture... I was not arguing with him not playing.) HB1 had decided that he would try another sport-yea me!

Not so fast.

On parent meeting night for HB2's team (t-ball) HB1 decided that he wanted to play.


We reminded him of all of the reasons that he didn't want to play. We reminded him of the new sport. We said that he probably wouldn't be able to get him on the team with his best friend. We tried everything. He wouldn't budge. He wanted to play.


I filled out the form, signed the check, and sent up a prayer that he could get on the team with the best friend. Waited. Done. Now, I am again a 2 team baseball mom.

Oh yeah, did I mention that I had already agreed to be the team mom for HB2's team? I am now responsible for uniforms, fund raising, snack bar, picture day, snacks after the games, the team banner, numbers and names on jerseys, THE WORKS! But thanks to HB1 I now have to, yet again, do it for 2 different teams.

Welcome to my Headless World!

Correction: Sam the Butcher brought to my attention that it sounded like I was the Team Mom for both teams-I am not. But my point still stands-2 boys, 2 teams, up to 5 days a week at the ball field-You get the picture!


Keetha said...

I'm all worn out and need my Sunday afternoon nap just READING your post!!!!

Sam said...

You're insane.

I can say that as a brother, but dude, you're just crazy. Why do you have to be team mom for HB1?

I hope this doesn't end badly, but, having been there last fall, I'm frankly not too optimistic.

Life lessons for all! :)

Keetha said...

OK, Sammy old boy - - - your headless sis referred to you as Sam BUTCHER! This thickens the plot!!!!

My mother's maiden name is BUTCHER. I have BUTCHER relatives in all kinds of places.

Wonder if you are a long lost cuz????

Keetha said...

Oh rats - - - I didn't read it right, she didn't say Sam Butcher - - - she said Sam THE Butcher. That could be an entirely different thing.

Sam said...

Yeah...More "Brady Bunch" and less actual surname. :)