Sunday, February 24, 2008

Forget the Academy Awards...

I'm on The Bloggess' Blogroll!

I'm just a baby blogger, but apparently I've got something. Like I told Jenny, I feel like I'm finally getting to sit at the popular girls' lunch table.

To quote a famous acceptance speech, "You like me! You really like me!".

Thanks, Jenny. This started as a little experiment, and has grown into something pretty cool if I do say so myself.


Keetha said...

She has a long blogroll, I don't find a headless on there - - - what name did she give you?

Mama Drama Jenny, the Bloggess said...

Keetha - she's under T for The Adventures of the Headless Family. It's the downside of having a blog that starts with a "The" as well I know. I should have called myself "A Bloggess" so I'd always be first on everyone's blogroll. Or "AAA Bloggess." Even better.

Oh and Ms. Headless, you totally belong at the popular table, my friend.

Keetha said...

FOUND IT!!! Thanks, Bloggess.