Wednesday, February 6, 2008

What are you doing for Labor day?

Never mind that I don't know what I'm doing tomorrow...

It all started on Monday with a call from Headless Dad. (He calls me the Master Calendar Keeper. How romantic.) He told me to check the calendar and mark off the WHOLE WEEKEND. When I asked him why he told me that he had gotten a company-wide memo that told him to mark it off for the company's 50th anniversary, with no other details. He also told me to reserve the sitters (the Headless Grandparents). A little while later he called back to say that his suspicions were right-

We're going on a 3 day Mexican Cruise!!

HG's are booked. (Sorry, STB!) I can't wait! 3 whole days without the kids. Aah, the bliss!

And Oh! the shopping I get to do!

This does, however, make resolution #1 a little more real. I mean being on a beach with your family and a bunch of strangers is one thing to carry around a little 'extra', but being with a bunch of your husbands' colleagues and their wives and having to wear a bathing suit is a little daunting. Yes, I have done my ab work for the day and plan on walking tomorrow-No Excuses!


In other Headless news, it is going to be getting a lot more headless around here with the start of Little League. More on that later!

Love you, Interpeeps!


Keetha said...


When I opened your blog today I thought I had somehow gone into your September archives!!! Silly me, instead of just READING - - - I had to DOUBLE CHECK THE DATE!!1

You go for it girl!!! How fun.

All I have to report is we'll be flying to FL over Spring Break to stay with my F-I-L for about 5 days. True - - - he DOES live in a condo RIGHT ON VANDERBILT BEACH and true he loves FB as much as I do and we have already planned to watch us some of our favorite FB games from the past season.

But still - - - by comparison to a CRUISE - - - this is nada.

Sam said...

Sorry for what? It sounds great!

Labor day...that's way far out. I guess you'll be getting in shape for a couple of reasons, eh? :)

Keetha said...

101, I think she was sorry that the headless grandparents would be the sitters and not you.

Hmmmmm - - - it MIGHT depend on how the two headless boys decide to ACT that weekend whether you will be sorry with her or RELIEVED!!! ;-)

Just sayin' - - - I've got 4 kids of my own, I KNOW how these things can go.

Headless Mom said...

Sorry you 2- by 'sorry stb' I meant because we have first dibs on the HG's-I hope you weren't formulating plans for that weekend!

Keetha said...

Oh rats!!! And here I was priding myself on my interpretation abilities!!!! :-)

Sam said...

You kidding? And miss the start of fall in Colorado? Besides, with Alice & the youngest Butcher's birthdays around then, there's always something going on that we need to be around for.

The HGs are yours. :)