Thursday, April 3, 2008

I Know What My Next Career Won't Be

Way back in September before I even started this blog I agreed to help an acquaintance out with taking her kids to school every morning. Since Headless girl doesn't leave for school until 8:30 I could leave the boys here at around 7, run to get the 2 other boys, then finish getting mine ready and leave for the school around 7:35 or so.

I'll let that sink in for a moment.

(And you wonder why I call myself Headless? The complete lack of a "No" gene should be your first clue.)

All of this from the woman that even when up, is not really awake before about 9.

I also take a neighbor girl on Thursdays to add to the 2 that I drive every day, plus my own.

Add to all of that the fact that Kindergarden does not start or end at the same time that the other kids do, so that is 2 more trips a day with another neighbors' kid. (Disclaimer here: That mom and I share driving throughout the week. But still.)

All in all, not counting volunteer hours, I go to the school a total of 13 times a week.


As I was herding 4 kids into my van this morning and mediating the arguments of who will sit where I realized: I will never be a school bus driver.


I would rather flip burgers, collect trash, or scrub TOILETS before I would listen to kids argue like that


Sam said...

You're insane.

Kind, thoughtful, generous...but insane. :)

Keetha said...

Would you rather trade places with me and mediate arguments all day with BOTH HS and MS kids IN CLASS????

Hey - - - when my FOUR kids were younger, I gave them ASSIGNED seats in our minivan because I just couldn't face ONE more "who sits where" argument!!!! The OLDEST got to sit in the shot gun seat - - - and if they weren't with us for some reason, the NEXT OLDEST got to move up.

It worked - - - I NEVER heard another argument, once they got over the moaning and groaning about having an assigned seat.