Friday, April 18, 2008

Just Curious...Websites

Hey gang! Thanks for getting in the game last week. Boy those drivers really get us, don't they? My biggest pet peeve is when you're at a stop sign or light and the car behind you s-q-u-e-e-z-e-s between you and the curb on the right to make a right hand turn. Just wait your turn, already!!

This week I'm asking for your favorite website. To play you may link in the comments if you wish. Oh, the catch? Let's make it a non-blogging website, K?

Can't wait to see where you take me!


Keetha said...

I pretty much only blog. I will google something to research it, but don't return to the sit later.

Sorry - - - I guess I'm the "dud of the day"

Keetha said...

Unless you count NFL and College scoreboards during FB season. Heheheehehehe

Sam said...

Dunno that I have a favorite. I have sites I go to often, but "favorite" isn't really what I'd call them.

I'd probably say Google, for all that it offers - mail, documents (lottery spreadsheet, anyone? :), news, reader.

Oh, I guess I could say I like the Amateur Gourmet's site:

Sam said...