Monday, April 14, 2008

Kiddie Straight Jacket *

You know how, as a mom- a REAL mom, not the June Cleaver kind of mom that never has problems- we all day dream about what torture device we can come up with for our kids that won't leave a mark, physical or (hopefully) mental? A device that is handy, and can have multiple uses? Friends, I give you the Kiddie Straight Jacket:

Invented by my brilliant son, Headless Boy1, the beauty of this device is that you all already have one!!! Just have your child pull his/her arms inside of their short-sleeved shirt, cross them over their chest and put them back through the opposite arm holes. (Demonstrated here by HB1 in his 'Transformers' Bumblebee" PJ shirt.) Unless the shirt is 5 sizes too big they will not be able to get their arms out without help.

[For all of you that want to pay me for the seemingly free advice, all proceeds will go to get me to BlogHer in July. Email me at headlessfamily5atgmaildotcom]

*Disclaimer-Joke people! I take no responsibility for anyone trying to do this to their kid. Mine did it on his own and couldn't stop laughing. Although I could be persuaded to take donations to get to BlogHer... *cough* Did I say that out loud?


Backpacking Dad said...

I'm going to try to invent the Jell-O Iron Maiden.

Christie Todd said...

Too funny! Just wanted to let you know that today is the day that I gave away books for helping with my fear topic. You won!!! Send me your mailing info and I'll send you I'm Glad I'm a Mom and What Happens When Women Say Yes to God.
Christie Todd

Queen B said...

Um. That looks like he might be dislocating something important...ouch!!


Sam said...

I can hear him laughing now !!!!!
Looks like he ate his dinner though !!

Kelly said...

This made me laugh at the thought, I am off to wake the boy and see if this works! I'd love to see you get to Blogher in June, I'd meet you there if I could! :)