Friday, April 4, 2008

What a Day

Today started like any other, up about 6:15, coffee, start getting kids up at 6:30.

It quickly deteriorated.

Headless Boy 1 had a morning meltdown of GIGANTIC proportions, crying for about 30 minutes before I took him to school. As I pushed let the kids out I reminded him that only he could ruin his day. But let's face it, with a morning like that mine was well on the way to being pretty bad.

I wish I could say that that is where it ended, but no. Headless Girl has been having some rather weird symptoms for the last couple of weeks and we have started the Dr. dance. I had to make some calls and pick up paperwork, all of which kept my mind racing with the possibilities.

Of course in the middle of this I had to go to Target to get two things. Two Things! But could only find one. Just my luck.

And then I would go back to worrying about HB1. He regularly insists that I ruin his life, or that everyone hates him. (I couldn't help but think of Mir and Susan's posts a few weeks ago. The similarities between our boys are sometimes too close for comfort. I feel like I could be reading my own posts about HB1.) I wondered if he let the drama affect his Friday testing? Would he really sit on the bench every recess? Is he really my child?

[I paused to wonder why most of the bloggers I read had to be gone this week. Didn't they know that I needed a really good reason to be on the computer? That laundry just wasn't a big enough diversion for MAJOR WORRY? ]

Anyway, I had decided that after school I would take all 3 kids to get frozen yogurt and start off the weekend on a better foot. Then HG called to say that she was running errands with a friend then going to get her nails done. OK, one less yogurt. I took the boys to Old Navy because HB2 needed some jeans. (Side note: The size of this kid will astound. And because we still aren't out of the woods on cool weather yet I was forced to buy him more.) Then got the kids their treat (Oh yes I did...get myself one, too!), and headed home. I got chicken out to start dinner and went upstairs to gather laundry.

That is where Headless Dad found me, and where I started to cry.

I wish I could say that it got a lot better from there, but I can't. I can say, however, that the kids are still alive and sleeping peacefully. Something that I wish hope pray to be doing soon. HD went on a call for work that should have him home in an other hour or so. And HG, (feeling ok today!) is somewhere on the couch, certainly texting her boyfriend and making plans for tomorrow. You know, because it's the weekend and she feels fine now, Mom!


Keetha said...

You always have an empathetic parenting ear from over here. Some day I have "Kelly" stories I could tell you - - - -

Or how about "Korie on the cell phone at 2 a.m. on school nights" stories - - -

or - - - well, the list is endless.

So, it feels, is our ability to endure the whole parenting process.

But - - - Hang in there and apply my favorite (hehehehe) scripture portion "This too shall pass"

They forgot to tell us BEFORE we had them that "cute" is only temporary.

Headless Mom said...

Amen, Keetha!

Sam said...

This is why I read your blog and many others on the Internet. My family seems so normal by comparison. :D

Sorry it was a hard day. Like I say to my oldest, "Tomorrow's another chance to have a great day." :)