Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I'm All Out of Cute American Idol Titles

Hey Y'all!

Back for another night of The Ryan Secrest Show! I can jab at him, but I really do like him- as long as he's not trading insults with Simon. That's just old. And not too funny.

The producers of AI have not been listening to us and I think we need to band together on this one. [Shouting] "Hey Nigel! For the love of God! Stop the tweeneys from the hand waving in the front row!!!!!" Once, cute (maybe). Twice, annoying. Now it could possibly make one suicidal. I definitely know why the ratings have been going down. The hands, people. The hands.

AND, did you all see this article about Archie's Dad? I guess he really was the stage father that he was reported to be. I feel bad for Archie, though. If this is his dream then hopefully he can overcome the rep that his dad has. However, if this is his dad's dream then I guess it's good. Maybe he'll learn that he can't force it on someone.

On to the show, shall we?

Archie- I could be in the minority here, but this should be the end of the road for him. For many of the same reasons that Jason left last week- we know what kind of album he will put out, what it will sound like, and who will buy it. He always sounds the same, looks the same. I know that there are some real Archie fans out there and they will buy his album, but it certainly won't be me. Hopefully for the last time- Disney!

Syesha- I believe she should stay for all the reasons that Archie should go. She has really done a good job of doing all different kinds of songs well. That is not to say that she blows it out every week, but she is not the same each week (like Archie.) She has variety: soulful, playful, pop-y, sexy; she can wear many hats.

And AI 2008 comes down to this: David Cook. He is the most versatile contestant ever. He can play it straight or mix it up and we still love him. He still sounds awesome. Interestingly enough, I've never liked the Roberta Flack song that he did tonight. Until he did it. Truly amazing. That is the sign of a great artist- someone who can take a song that I don't like, tweak it just enough, and make me love it. I will buy his album. He can and will win this season.

Thank you to all of the Boo Party goers. This has been so fun to blog and read, and get to know you all in the process. Head on over to see what every one else has to say!

And a special Thank You to Sophie for having us in each week!


Mamacita said...

Yep, I think David C. is gonna get this thing, too. And I've enjoyed reading your recaps! :)

Sam said...

We just last night watched last week's show. Jason...what a doofus.

I did like Archie's "Love Me Tender", though.

We'll probably give last night's show a cursory glance tomorrow evening, and do the same with next week's.

Tammy said...

Yes, I too, am hoping Disney calls little David to sing for the Magic Kingdom.

And David Cook, WOW! I'll buy his album anytime!

Linda said...

Oh, I am the only person in America who has never voted for David Cook! Yeah, this has been fun at Sophie's.

Tamara said...

I'm definitely pulling for David Cook, too!