Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Summer, Shummer, Blah Blah Blah


What do you do with all of this heat? With all of the fighting? With the filthy house that you just can't seem to get off of the couch to clean? School is still almost 2 weeks away-always the most excruciating weeks of summer. Tomorrow a couple of the kids' friends will be over to play for a while, and next week the boys go to 'Robot Camp.' Meanwhile, if I hear "Mom, he won't play with me," again I think my head will explode. Add to all of this my Olympics habit and you have a recipe for one lazy and very behind mom.

Yes, I realize that we just got back from vacation- maybe the vacation let-down is making this blah worse? I would post more pictures from said vacation but I've been so lazy I haven't even put them on my computer yet. I know, such a difficult task!

Yesterday, Headless Girl woke up with what appeared to be bug bites on her knees and elbows. We applied cream for the itching, started washing all of her sheets, and gave her Benadryl. Now, 24 hours later, it has spread down her legs, to her back, all over her belly, and she is miserable. Any thoughts? I have a call in to the doctor and hopefully we can get right in. (Update: The doctor's office just called and we're going in at 10:15.)

To add to all of this I have "found" some of the weight that I have lost over the last year. I know all of the reasons that I have gained-no need to list them for me, thanks. Add exercise to my already long to-do list!

I also just added my name to Neil's Great Interview Experiment list. I've enjoyed reading so many of the interviews so far-I'll let you know when I know-should be interesting!

Do you remember a couple of weeks ago that my van died? Did I even blog it? Anyway, it died, and I got it back from the shop the same day that we left on vacation. On Sunday when I got home I tried to start it to run an errand and no go. Literally. Nothing. So, yeah, one more thing that I really don't have time for, or the money, for that matter. (Um, vacation in Hawaii, anyone?)

So, in conclusion, summer sucks (at this end, anyway,) and I'm ready for a routine again!

Headless Mom


Anonymous said...

well mom..it sucks at this end too

this nasty, hivey, itchy, leperous end

<3 HG

Steph T said...

Oh you poor thing! Sounds like it's a Baileys in the Coffee morning!

Good luck with HG's itches...let us know what the doc says...

The van? You have the same luck I do! Bummer!

Additionally, be lazy enjoy the Olympics, the To-do list will be there when they are over. No need to rush. No one is going to steal thst list!

Mike said...

Kids love summer, but it drives parents crazy because that brief 8-3 pm, reprieve away from yelling and crying is GONE!!!

Hang in there! And I found some weight lately too. Why isn't finding money this easy?

Ami said...

My guess is chicken pox, but for your sake (and hers) I hope she's already had them and I'm not right. :)

Headless Mom said...

Thanks, Ami, but she's already had them. The Dr. says some kind of "contact dermatitis" and prescribed an oral cortizone, epi pen, and had cbc and allergy labs done to find out more.

So there we are.

AMomTwoBoys said...

Oh...poor Headless Girl. She's such a trooper. Even if she is a leperous trooper. :0) And I'll bet, even with a rash, she's still freakin' gorgeous.

I hope your van's okay. That's NO FUN. You need a pick me up. Stat.

Carmen said...

Yuck, yuck and double yuck.

Seconding the "bailey's in the coffee" idea.

Keetha said...

I'm back in school NOW - - - I'll be GLAD to trade ya!!! Oh - - - and it's really cool for August here too - - - highs the last few days only in the mid 70's, and no humidity. Come on over to IN!!!!!

ShannanB aka Mommy Bits said...

That sucks. I was going to say maybe you were just tired from all the traveling, but then you mentioned the van not working again. Hope your summer (the little bit that's left) gets better!!