Friday, September 12, 2008

Just Curious-Parenting Tip

Thanks to all of you that participated in Just Curious last week. I love that you all find ways to help even if you can't make it into a classroom during the day. And to Loralee who doesn't do it right now-believe me, the time you have spent is priceless!

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As for my own answer, my favorite thing to do for the teachers is make, check in and distribute the homework packets. I know that it sounds weird but I like to glance over the work to make sure that my kid is "getting it" the same way that other kids do. I like to know what is coming up for the week (packets go out once a week in the primary grades,) and I am always reminded of questions that came up during the week so I don't forget to ask the teacher. I am happy doing other stuff: helping with rotations, copying, etc., but homework tasks are certainly my favorite. I also just got notice that I will be an assistant room mom for the 3rd grade classroom so I'll be there often, too.

So, for this week I was thinking about revisiting an old topic but I'll refrain for now and go with this: What was the SINGLE BEST parenting tip you have ever gotten? Was it from your own parent? A magazine? A stranger? How has it changed your parenting for the better? Maybe we will all learn something this week. Remember, try to think of just ONE thing, OK? Thanks for playing!

Headless Mom


Anonymous said...

My favorite tip is not one I received as much as one that I learned from experience. When you become a new whatever it is YOU need to do to be happy and well rested. Baby in your bed? Why not! Baby on a tight schedule? Go for it! At the end of the day, if you can't be a positive, loving parent because you are trying to force yourself into someone else's one will thrive.

Just love your angels and do what works best for you and your family. Then remember to offer that same generosity to other moms and dads around you.

Sam said...

Hm...good question. I don't know...I don't feel like I received a lot of parenting advice from people. I'm sure I did, and just disregarded. :)

The general feeling I got though, from other parents and reading, is to just do your best. Don't fret about what other parents are doing, or how they do it. Pay attention to your own family and how well you're doing.

One concept that Alice came up with recently that I love is giving your best to your family. You spend all day giving your "best" to other people - being polite at the grocery store, helping others, etc. But when you get home at night, you're grumpy and crabby and all that. Just because they're familiar doesn't mean they don't deserve your best, too.

Anonymous said...

Early on I heard- don't know from who/where:

"The day go by like years, and the years go by like days"

Not advice I guess. But this phrase is always close to my heart. Reminds me to ENJOY even the tough days with my kids. Cuz someday (sooner than I think) it will ALL BE OVER. Just typing that makes me sad.

Keetha Broyles said...

My favorite tip which came to me when my first was a month old from an older cousin who was a nurse and had LOTS of children herself:

"The most important thing is to love them and keep them relatively clean."

Sometimes when parenting was especially difficult, I would remember that - - - pour on the love - - - and send them to the bath tub for a good soak!!!

ShannanB said...

One of my favorite tips was - take a deep breath - it applies to just about every situation.

Sometimes being a parent can be a stressful blessing. If you just remember to take a deep breath you are better able to put things into perspective and do the right thing as a parent.

Keetha Broyles said...

Headless - - - "MY" game today doesn't start until 10:30 PM MY TIME which is only 7:30 out there - - - PLEASE keep at least half an eye on the game for me in case I, being as old as I am, fall asleep and miss half of it!!!! You know of which game I speak - - - WI at Fresno State.

I'm "napping" off and on this afternoon TRYING to be able to hold the old eyelids up tonight - - - -

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

When DS1 was a toddler my mom gave me pretty much the only piece of parenting advice she's given so far.

"Never make a promise or a threat you can't keep. You *must* follow through on both to have any credibility."

Rocks In The Wash said...

I have to say, when growing up I didn't hear "I love you" very much. My family wasn't overt in their affection, which unfortunately takes a toll on children. It was when I finally had my own family that I made the conscious decision to make sure that my boys knew that they were loved; that there was no doubt in their minds that their mom and dad love them. We constantly tell each other that we "love you", so much so that our boys tell us ALL of the time. I love hearing the "I love you's" and it makes my heart melt every time I hear it!

My other suggestion is laugh; laugh at everything and enjoy the moment!

Anonymous said...

My husband's favorite advice was given to us a few years before we had kids and it was to do and get all the fun stuff before you ever have children. That means to do the travel, buy the fancy car or boat, get the "toys" before they arrive because once they do it all ceases to feel so important. We also liked this advice from our pediatrician, "They are coming to live with you, not the other way around. Live your life and bring your child into it." a child and adolescent therapist my favorite advice to GIVE was, "You can be their friend later, what they need right now is a parent."