Wednesday, November 26, 2008

BFL-Are you freezing yet?

Tennessee @ Detroit
Seattle @ Dallas
Arizona @ Philadelphia
San Francisco @ Buffalo
Baltimore @ Cincinnati
Indianapolis @ Cleveland
Carolina @ Green Bay
Miami @ St. Louis
New Orleans @ Tampa Bay
NY Giants @ Washington
Atlanta @ San Diego
Denver @ NY Jets
Pittsburgh @ New England
Kansas City @ Oakland
Chicago @ Minnesota
Jacksonville @ Houston-MNF tiebreaker 38

Ok, I flunked formatting. Deal.

Congrats to Middle-Aged-Woman for beating me last week. I was biting my nails for the first quarter, then I resigned myself to 2nd place. Damn Packers.

If you're cold, it is because of me. Notice my picks. Hell has frozen over. Damn Packers lost it for me last week. Packers I quit you, well except for this week, you'd better beat Carolina or I'll really quit you. Denver-You lost to Oakland. That hasn't happened in years and I'm so mad I could spit. That is just WRONG!!! However, I chose Denver to lose and Oakland to win this week so, see? Hell hath frozen. Wear a sweater.

And go on over to Insta-mom's place for more BFL picks. One of these days I'll win. *sigh*

Headless Mom


Anonymous said...

Hang in there! It has been the WORST season for football in this neck of the woods....Hawks..suck....UW Huskies...suck.....WSU Cougars....suck.

I quit football for right now....and that really does mean that Hell has frozen over!

Happy Gobble Day!

Greis said...

Good luck this week and Happy Thanksgiving!

headless girl :] said...

Im coming home after my bio class finishes..

only 10 more minutes!!!

Amy in Ohio said...

Hey! Happy belated Thanksgiving! Hope it was a good one.

Need a tiebreaker score for MNF...