Monday, November 17, 2008

I Love Peyton Manning

This made me fall over. Good thing I wasn't drinking something, I may have ruined my keyboard. I could watch it again and again....

Hey, it counts!

Headless Mom


Sam said...

"Hey, it counts!"

...barely. Substance, gal! We want substance! :)

headless girl :] said...

i liked it..

if people only knew how you feel about him they would understand

but when did you become a youtube viewer

Tracey said...

Very funny! I love it!

Keetha said...

As for it counting - - - this is my FAVORITE kind of post - - - short, funny, and fun!!!!

I saw this commercial the other day - - - it's one of my favorites, since the one where he's cheering on the guy who shot the espresso in his eye - - - -

They're even BETTER now that we're winning again!!! :-)