Sunday, November 2, 2008


On Sunday, two weeks ago, my boys were baptized. For many of you this may not sound like a big deal, but for us it is.

It is my belief that when you ask Jesus to guide your life, you should also then be baptized in water as an outward admission of sin, repentance, and desire to have the Holy Spirit guide your life. Jesus did it, even though he was perfect, and so should we.

We have never pushed them to make this decision. Yes, we go to church each week. We pray together, and talk about the things of God, the Bible, and what it means to be a Christian, but we have never pushed our children to make that decision. It is one of the heart, one of an individual being drawn to God and the things of His Kingdom.

When our children (or yours, or me, or you) make this decision it is a glorious day. It means that they can live a free life, knowing that God is with them even when you can't be. It means that they, in their own heart, have asked Jesus to live with them, guide them, protect them, forgive them. We all fall short in some area, but having Jesus is having life, for eternity.

Baptism is a choice. A choice to follow God. A choice to be led by the Holy Spirit. A choice for freedom from this world forever, and I'm proud that my children have chosen to follow God.

Headless Mom


The Andrus' said...

I couldn't be more thrilled for you and your family!! I'm elated; not only did your boys "take the plunge" this last week but so did my very good friends children that they've adopted. Again, congrats!

Kelly said...

Wahoooo! Our church also really values this decision when the person is old enough to make the decision and the commitment. Many blessings to the Headless boys! We are so happy for you all! I can imagine it was a super exciting day.

Keetha said...

We value it here too. Our S-I-L was baptized last Sunday.

On another topic - - - - Our Colts won last night!!!! Finally.

Dsilkotch said...

Congrats on your sons' baptisms! I love your blog, it's beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see that others allow their children the opportunity to choose their baptism. I got a LOT of criticism from my congregation when I didn't baptize my girls as babies. I grew up in Christian home and was baptized as an infant. That is a wonderful choice for any parent to make. However, I never felt that I "chose" my faith. I mean, of course I chose to continue in its practice and, yes, I chose to confirm my baptism as a teenager. It just didn't feel as significant. That's why I let my girls decide to go through that ritual, that rite by their own choosing. It was more special for me and for them.


Soliloquy said...

I am so moved. A beautiful post. What a blessing when your children declare that they are Christ followers.

Love it!