Saturday, December 27, 2008

BFL-The Finale!

The final week of the regular season. It all comes down to this.

It's my turn to win!

Chicago vs. Houston
Tennessee vs. Indianapolis
Kansas City vs. Cincinnati
Oakland vs. Tampa Bay
Cleveland vs. Pittsburgh
Carolina vs. New Orleans
NY Giants vs. Minnesota
Detroit vs. Green Bay
New England vs. Buffalo
St. Louis vs. Atlanta

Washington vs. San Francisco
Seattle vs. Arizona
Dallas vs. Philadelphia
Miami vs. NY Jets
Jacksonville vs. Baltimore

Denver vs. San Diego (52)

Everyone's picks should be up at Insta-mom's place later today-see ya there!

To all my BFL pals: Thanks for a great season-I've had great fun, and think we should do it again next year. Maybe we can get our act together before the third week? Love ya!

Headless Mom


HGD Capt'n said...

Once again, you picked the "Donkeys" !!!

Greis said...

Good luck to you too! It was definitely a fun time. Can't wait til next season. Maybe we can have a BFL - The Play-offs version for the next few weeks.