Monday, January 12, 2009

What Does It All Mean?

You may have seen this before;I hadn't. It is a little long (5 min.) but it is totally fascinating. I've watched it twice and am getting ready to watch it again. Join me?

Headless Mom


Anonymous said...

I love this video...I have seen it before but it is amazing. What do you think it means? Is it any different than the rate of change from our grandmother's childhood to our childhood? It's just like the video said...exponential. As a recruiter, it does make me concerned for American viability in the labor force.

Headless Mom said...

I think that the stat of bits of information in the last 5 years vs. 5,000 years is the real teller. IMO the biggest thing that we need to teach our children is how to gather information. It is radically different now than when we were growing up. Does anyone under 35 know how to use a card catalog? or even what it is? Versatility is now a huge seller.

I don't know what it means but I do know that anyone not using the internet in some capacity is definitely left behind. I know that there are wide reaching biblical implications that may not have even been seen yet. I know that there is prophecy being fulfilled in our time. I know that there are changes that even my generation probably can't keep up with.

I'm just glad I have Jesus.

Kelly said...

I tried to watch it, but it says that the vid is no longer available??? what was it?

J Phoenix said...

It is a fscinating video! I don't know exactly what it means other than one can never stop learning . . .

You just won't ever reach an age where you "know enough."

I see it in the simplest form daily -- researching the Internet. I can locate in less than five minutes just about anything anyone is looking for (even if I know absolutely nothing about it). However, I notice that a slew of people cannot figure out how to "word" their search criteria effectively. With this much information available at the touch of a keyboard, if you don't know how to get it, it isn't doing you much good. Spelling and vocabulary still matter!



J Phoenix said...


And I misspelled "fascinating!"


Soliloquy said...

Thank you. Permission to feel overwhelmed.


Come, Lord Jesus.