Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Dirty Dozen-Round 2

Week 2 of this "12 try-3 go through" stuff. Last week was pretty tough but I thought that the voting was pretty good: Danny, Michael, and Alexis Grace were great choices. I would have liked to see Anoop make the top 12 but maybe he'll get in on the wild card. Let the singing begin!

Jasmine- Oops missed this one. The judges didn't seem to like it. I'll come back to it by dvr later...(I saw the recap clip, I won't bother.)
Matt G- I dig this guy in an Elliot Yamin sorta way. (Why have I never heard this Coldplay song? Oh yeah, I don't have a radio in my car anymore. Gah!) Pretty good! Not the best, but pretty good.
Jeanine- Ooh-out of tune. She looks like a recording artist, though. Not a good song choice. Yuck. She didn't leave an impression-at all.
Nick/Norman- (I love this guy. Singing or joking. Let's see what he does tonight.) *snicker* He is good-really, a good voice and so funny. OMG I loved this. (Simon, I don't agree!) Dude can entertain and I'd like to see him more. Maybe not to win, but I would like to see more of him.
Allison- Wow. She's good. Very good. She should go through.
Kris- Bummer to have to follow Allison, ya know? Started off slow...but good; I'm curious what the judges will say. OK, he could do alright, but I don't see him going all the way.
Megan- She is really good. Really. A very unique voice, so pretty; she has a whole package. She should go through. Judges seem to agree.
Matt B.- Good singer, good song, great story, but he seems a little awkward on stage. Hmmm. Judges seem to be blah about the whole performance.
Jesse- I'm not sure about this one. She is kinda nasaly, which I don't like, but otherwise she's pretty good. Not the hottest performance, though.
Kai- Good but not super memorable. It doesn't seem like his style either.

(OK, I swear that I wrote this stuff before the judges talked. I know that it looks like I just wrote what they said but I really, really didn't!)

Mishavonna- I like her but I can't say that I'd choose her over Allison and Megan this week.
Adam- Stones...this should be interesting. A first for Idol, as far as I know. Um, I'm not a Stones fan so I thought it was just ok. He does have a real voice- a really good voice.

(It took me the whole show to realize that they ditched the "chat with mom" portion of the show.)(Thank goodness.)

(Just re-read my thoughts and I guess it wasn't a very memorable night, eh?)

So, my top 3 of the night were Nick/Norman, Allison, and Megan, with Adam as the Wild Card. What did you think?

Off to vote!

Thanks to BooMama for hosting this craziness every week!

Headless Mom


Suzie said...

I'm so glad I am not the only one who likes Nick Mitchell. I would like to see him go on to see what he does with each of the themes.

kyooty said...

But I really wanted Knight Rider to be one instead.....

Thrifty Gal said...

I, too, like Nick/Norman! I think he is refreshing and livens up this boring year :)