Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Season Eight

Well, here we are at the beginning of Season 8 of American Idol. I love American Idol and if you weren't around last year, I blog about it each week along with BooMama, and all of the others. If you want to join us, just write your post and head on over! Or you can see what every one else thought...Have fun! (Oops! She's not doing a Mr. Linky this week. Next week, hopefully. Or is it when we get to top 12? We'll see.)(Edited: Mr. Linky is up at BooMama's! Whoot!)

Now for the first round of 12: In list form! (There are too many to list song choices tonight. Sorry.)

Jackie Tohn- I've been on the fence about Jackie, and tonight didn't do anything to help. Sounds like the judges, er, Simon! agrees with me.
Rickie Braddy- Boring. Not bad, but it isn't getting my attention, either. (Aside, this quiz-the-parents thing is old already. Oy. 1 hour and 40 minutes left?)
Alexis Grace-Great voice, good song choice. Like the pink hair, even! Favorite so far!
Brent Keith- He's a looker, this one. Yummmmm. I could watch, and listen, to more of Brent.
Stevie Wright- Pitchy. I love her and hope she gets a second chance. Not good tonight.
Anoop Desai- He's good-he definitely deserves a chance in the top 12. So-so song choice, though. Killer likability.
Casey Carlson- I wanted to like her but the gyrations and funky facials are killing it for me. Eew.
Michael Sarver- Good, but I'm not sure it's enough. Best of the boys so far, anyway.
Ann Marie Boskivich- Very good! Second only to Alexis. She really has a shot. I don't agree with the judges on this one.
Stephen Fowler- I have high hopes for him... Pretty good so far! (Headless Dad says no...wonder if the judges will agree?) Oops, I guess they agree with HD.
Tatiana Del Toro- In accordance with BooMama's rules, I will not be mean. That being said? Why is she even here? She is my soapbox-er this year, and if she doesn't go home after tonight I'll gouge my eyes ears out. Gah. Whitney as a song choice? Not smart. Do these people not watch this show? Doing Whitney is the kiss of death. Stop. Now.
Danny Gokey- Love this guy. Love, love, love. He is Headless Dad's top pick going into the top 36-and I agree! Yes! Hes nailed it!!!

Well, it looks like we have our top guy-Danny, and my pick for the top girl is Alexis. As for the third? I'll go with Anoop-Dog.

And if I catch you voting for Tatiana I'll cut your fingers off.

Headless Mom


Thrifty Gal said...

Well, it seems I get to keep my fingers :) I DID NOT vote for Tatiana!!! She drives me crazy (and I think she's crazy...). I agree with you about Anoop but didn't care for his song choice last night.

This is my first time to your blog ~ very nice! :)

meandmom said...

So not a Tatiana fan....crazy much?

This group did not look good to me....I agree with Simon....lots of karaoke going on. And I agree with you Headless regarding Casey Carlson...total EW!

Me said...
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Me said...

Since there are technically 3 of us, we voted for 3: Alexis, Michael & Danny. Gawd, that Tatiana girl is annoying...er, psycho.


Candi said...

Hello! First time visitor here. This is fun to read... I am actually watching the American Idol show right now, so I can read your reviews as I watch!

Kelly said...

Do I have to follow the rules? I think that Tatiana is a total narcissist did you see her after she lost? OF COURSE you did, the camera kept going to her, she couldn't clap, she couldn't suck it up, she had to be all D.R.A.M.A. and she ruined her own chances at anything beyond the show. I am glad she is OUT early on, I couldn't take the crying for another episode! I am sad about Anoop, he was one of my faves. I hope he is the wildcard! I love that what comes out of his mouth is not at all what you would expect. Plus I would love someone in Hollywood to get a hold of those brows. sorry, Pinot on board. I didn't follow last year, maybe I can play this year!!?? sorry to hear you are sick, hope you feel better!

Suzie said...

Well said about Tatiana....I am thankful she didn't make it through. I wonder if they will bring her back for Wild Card.

Steph said...

I couldn't read this post because I was gone and didn't see it...so, I'll have to come back. I did however notice your comment about Psyco Girl...what is with her? I will chop off every limb of anyone voting for her (if I find out). LOL

I guess I'd better get back on the stick with you guys doing the whole AI bloggin...it was so much fun last year. Maybe I'll start next week! Thanks for the giggles!