Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Who's Googling This?

Google is a fascinating thing. Combine that with a blog about a Headless Family and you get some pretty interesting search terms.

Case in point: (highlights from my last 100 hits)
headless family (This lurker was from Thailand. What is it about asians and this blog?)(Twice, but not both from Thailand.)
jailbait cleavage (Eeeew. Although he/she got to my post about Twitter-I brought it on my self.) (This happens a few times a month.)
foto funny
big headless girls
filler 2 (Twice, even!)(Wait, 3 times.)(Huh?)
click for clutter

Some, I know, are obvious. Recent titles, etc., but what is up with people from Asia, the continent, Googling headless family and getting me? Even looking at the Google pages I can't figure out what they are looking for. Any ideas? Or do I really want to know?

The other thing that has completely caught me off guard is that I get a minimum of 5 hits a week from the pictures of our tattoos from our vacation to Hawaii last summer. If any of you found me because of this post and actually got one of these tattoos for yourself, please, PLEASE post your pictures so we can all see them.

Not many people think of the SEO before they start a blog. I certainly didn't. The tips that I had heard/read included theme, and continuity, but now that I know what freaks would come out of the woodwork, I may have thought twice about the whole 'headless' thing. I thought that I would get more hits on things like kindergarten, family, school, you know, the stuff that I actually write about?

What words bring people to your blog? Are they creepy? Funny?

Headless Mom


Anonymous said...

I have no idea what brings people to my blog....all 5 of them!

But hey, I won't be picky...

The Welcome Mat is out Konnichiwa!

bargainmom08 said...

You make it sound so funny, but I imagine it is a little scary while being a litte funny too. There are some WEIRD people in the world. I found out about them while selling ebay. Had to call the police on 2 of them!! I wish you well with your de-cluttering effort. I am starting one of my own at the end of March. Will keep you informed and good luck with yours. I will keep checking in. Do you have a place that it will come to my email daily? I couldn't find it. Thanks, bargainmom08

Headless Mom said...

Ooh! Update! There is a Thai movie about a headless family.

At least that mystery is solved!

BargainMom08- I used to have email delivery but no one was using it so I took it down. But! I'll put it back just because you asked! Thanks for visiting!

The Andrus' said...

I have no idea what brings people to my blog, however for the comments... I definitely moderate them! I have no desire to have the "creepies" making comments! (M deals with enough of them at work!)

kyooty said...

How do you find out what brings peoples there? this is very interesting. :)

Momom said...

Also, there is a restaurant in Corona del Mar called The Quiet Woman & the logo is a headless female.


Headless Mom said...

Thanks Missi! I'll have to look for that one; I had no idea.

Anonymous said...

I posted a funny email I got which implied pole dancing...yup, lots of hits from all over the world.

Mary (MPJ) said...

My blog gets all kinds of sex related searches. But I don't check much anymore. I found looking at stats was bad for me!