Wednesday, March 25, 2009

American Idol-Now With Commentary From The Kids! And The Dad!

Since we are on Spring Break this week the kids get to stay up for AI. HB#1 isn't feeling too hot but he has agreed to throw in some commentary for us. I'm sure that HB#2 will as well. Or not and there will be big blank spaces. Whatever. I'm gearing up for an interesting night, especially since I missed it all last week. (Baseball ran late. Like, really late.) Hey! And Headless Dad has decided to join in on the fun, too. See? 4 commentaries for the price (or reading enjoyment) of one. How can you go wrong?

I will state for the record that I'm just beside myself that Alexis Grace went home last week. Now who is going to help Scott through the dancing numbers?

Anyhoo, off to the races and Motown!

Matt-Let's Get It On-This is really good. Thoroughly impressed. He is really improving.
Dad-I'm startin' to like Matt. I agree with Simon.
#1-Horrible. Corny.
#2-Extreme. (meaning good!) Absolutely excellent.

Kris-How Sweet It Is-Great mix of traditional and new spin. Great Job, Kris!
Dad-Nailed it.
#1-OK, I liked him.
#2-I loved him.

Scott-You Can't Hurry Love- I adore Scott. I just don't think he'll be going much further. It was a little awkward for me.
Dad-I love him but he's not going to make it.
#1-No. Paula! Boo!
#2-I didn't like him.

Megan-For Once In My Life- I'm not so much about Megan anymore. Everything she does sounds the same, and getting more painful by the week.
Dad-She reminds me of Lucy Riccardo trying to sing.
#1-Weird hair, dress too short, but I liked her performance.
#2-Too much make up. Terrible, and bad outfit.

Anoop-Ooh Baby Baby- Perfect for Anoop, I think. (This is one of my all-time favorite songs, btw.) I actually liked his vocal.
Dad-He needs a suit on. Who's dressing this boy? Forgettable.
#1-Keep his mouth closed. No. I really don't like him.
#2-Absolutely no.

Michael-Ain't Too Proud To Beg- I still haven't figured out who he would be as an artist. He did a fair job tonight, though, but I'm not falling out of my chair or anything.
Dad-Cruise ship.

(Aside- Kara gives really great advice. She is always spot on and constructive. I'm glad she's a part of this.)

Lil-Heat Wave- I'm unsure about this one. I really want to like it but I don't think it's working. At all.
Dad-It sucked. (ouch.)
#2-(Pointing down his throat, gagging.)

Adam-The Tracks Of My Tears- (Note-Adam is starting to scare me after last week.) Apparently the element of surprise is his strategy, because this is good. I will say, though, that he uses the falsetto a little too much for my taste.
Dad-Like the hair.Hate the boots. He's a great entertainer.
#1-I don't like anything about it.
#2-I loved it. (He watched me type this and smiled...liked seeing his words in print. I hope I haven't created a monster!)

Danny-Get Ready- Uh, as much as I love Danny, he brought nothing new to this song.
Dad-I dug it. Gokey fan!
#1-I liked it.
#2-I loved it! Yes, yes, and more yes!

Allison-Papa Was A Rollin' Stone-This is the only performance that has given me the chills tonight. I know it's been said before, but she is amazing for being only 16. Killed it!
Dad-Yea! That little girl's got soul!
#2-I loved, loved, loved it.

So, the faves of the night are: Me-Matt, Kris, and Allison. Dad-Matt, Kris, Danny, and Allison. #1-Kris, Danny. #2-"I liked all of 'em." Heh. So much for titilating commentary.

Thanks for coming by! Now, head on back to SophieBooMama's Place for more!

Headless Mom


headless girl :] said...

love the boy's comments...they are precious..

especially the gagging
i miss you all...see you friday

Smoochiefrog said...

Now if Megan will just go home, we'll all be happier!

snowberrylife said...

You are obviously outnumbered over there... it may be better if you pretend not to like Anoop!

meandmom said...

Kris and Adam are my faves! I think Adam is very unique and brings something new every hard to do.

Sherri's Southern Style said...

Hi! Welcome back. I've missed your AI posts! Enjoyed your little ones chiming in this week too!
Megan's gotta go!

jerriann said...

Love your post, love your kids. We have the same kind of thing going on at my site. Daughter and husbands, it a good thing. Four for the price of one. oh yea.