Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Sweet Madeline went to heaven last night. We are all heartbroken for Heather and Mike, and the rest of their family.

IMG_5891 by The Spohrs Are Multiplying....(Picture from their flickr page)Please, if you can, donate to the March of Dimes in her name. I know it would mean the world to this grieving family.

(Taken from Heather's site.)

There are no words, I know, but please pray. I have been all night.

I met Heather and Mike last year at BlogHer and have followed them ever since. I love you guys and would love to be able to help in other ways if I can. Just know that we all love you so much and will remember Maddie. Even those of us who never had the pleasure of knowing her will remember her because you shared so much of her with us.

May God give you peace that is beyond all understanding, today and going forward through this terrible time.

Headless Mom


Tracey said...

I've been trying to go to Heathers blog...but your link won't let me? Can you help?

Robin ~ PENSIEVE said...

Hey sweets...thank you for adding my post before I got over here to share it with you. It is such a blessing to sense this overwhelming presence of love for their family; such a worthy use of our words.


Carmen said...

This is a great, great thing that you are doing. Just another example of what a wonderful, thoughtful person you are.