Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wednesday Thoughts

A few things that just need to be said:

  • People should realize that I can, within a reasonable doubt, figure out who you are when you come here and leave less than glowing comments. Especially on old posts, especially when you search my site for an hour. Just sayin'. (Although this will be lost on the actual perpetrators. I'll just find joy in the fact that my page views jumped yesterday. Ha!)
  • Misspellings are killing me lately. I know that I make mistakes, we all do, but they are jumping out at me lately. Especially in titles. Ouch.
  • My motivation has up and left. Gone. Buh'bye. That would mean for anything and everything-including getting out of bed in the morning, eating, walking, chores. Yep. All of it.
  • The lack of motivation does not however translate into the lack of appetite. What's up with a stomach ache when I eat breakfast? The only thing that doesn't hurt my tummy is Honey Nut Cheerios. Not the greatest choice but it's the only thing that I can eat in the mornings without wanting to hurl. Aren't you glad you asked?
  • I am having a non-bloggable situation that I'm really too old for. Seriously. I haven't been a teenager since the 80's and I refuse to revisit it.
  • I'm so not ready for 100 degrees yet. I hate that part of summer, which is why I'd gladly live elsewhere. (Don't get me wrong...I love my friends here but yikes it's hot!)
  • I'm ready for Headless Girl to be home for the summer, even though she'll be gone for a month in the middle. She gets home in about 2 weeks-Yay!
  • Baseball season is fun for parents. Our 'socializing season' if you will.
What are your Wednesday thoughts?

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Headless Mom


headless girl :] said...

I like this one. It's good...especially the first bullet point.

i have funny stories to tell you. I'll call later :]

Ruralmama said...

I'm assuming that you've recently had a bout of crappy comments, which bites. It goes around and I'm thinking that there may be a team of *ahem* people who just plain enjoy being rude and obnoxious.

Sorry to hear that you've been a possible target of it. That's stinky.
I always enjoy your blogginess.

Keetha said...

I PROMISE the ugly comments weren't from me. (Hehehehehehehehe)

Thinking of you and your unblogable situation. Those stink.

Elizabeth said...

Send me your 100 degree weather! I it was in the low 40's today and we have a chance of snow tonight. brrr! Crazy!

Rocks In The Wash said...

:) Weather wise, we've been jumping all over the place, 30's, 40's, 70's, 80's back down to 30's. Last week we had 8 inches of snow, and today it hit in the high 70's!

Steph said...

It wasn't me! I'd just email them to you! LOL -

I'm sorry too that you've got a Rude Ruby in your midst.

Mis-spellings? OMGosh, you saw mine today! I am so sorry I'm driving you crazy. LOL - I didn't want to be alone at the asylum!

Hang in there honey, and if you need a motivational accountability partner...I'm your (wo)man!

kyooty said...

I was blogging away and reading and there is still snow in my back yard, but the kicker? the radio guy just said it's susposed to read 26C this weekend which is susposed to feel like 30C. that's hot for us, something is going whonky with the world weather it's only April. Thanks so much for the mail!! :)

Busy Mom said...

I got nuthin'. I'm hungry, though.

I'll lay off the rude comments. I had no idea you knew it was me.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it was Busy Mom...a'ight!

Carol Jennen said...

I apologize if my comment offended you. I came across your blog and was touched by several of your entries, especially the one about Maddie. My intention was only to share my personal experience, from one mom to another.

Kelly said...

we need to chat, I have my OWN non-bloggable situation going on. Not so fun when we were 16, not at all comical when we are 40. It hurts my heart. So much garbage and so I don't even feel like blogging at all.