Tuesday, May 19, 2009

American Idol-Finale

Here we are at the end again. I was so sad to see Danny go last week but glad that Kris was staying. Why couldn't Adam have gone home?

I think that I must say here that I think that Adam is very talented. He has an excellent voice and great stage presence. I like that he is so humble and appreciative of this opportunity. He seems sincere about supporting his fellow contestants. My problem with Adam is that his style is more suited for the stage-as in Broadway or Las Vegas. He has already had a career and I'm certain that it will continue-in a big way, but I don't feel that he is a pop star. American Idol, to me, is the person that will appeal to the widest possible audience. That person is not Adam, in my opinion.

Kris, on the other hand is much more like what I would expect a pop star to be. Very talented musically and vocally. Kris definitely has the 'David Cook" vibe, as far as the variety of style goes. He can change up a song to be exactly "him." Not to mention that he is so darn cute!

So, rather than blog each song I'll give you a quick synopsis at the end. (I do like the format tonight. Quick, not much time in between performances.)

Well, to be honest, (like Simon says!) I really think that Kris knocked it out of the park tonight. The last song by Adam was awful, not his style at all and the vocals were off, just like Randy said. And actually, Kris had a hard time with it too but I liked Kris' version better-no screaming.

Well, all that's left is the voting and I'm sure you can guess who we are voting for. What about you?

photo courtesy AmericanIdol.com

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Headless Mom


Steph said...

I like Kris...but not enough. I do however "hear ya" on your synopsis...that last song just stunk all the way around...IMO.

We'll know tonight...scary but exciting!

"Good Game" - LOLOLOLO

skyesofblue said...

I agree with you totally.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Adam is a great talent. I do feel that he would make a good American Idol however. I think that it is good when Idol chooses different genres of performers. There are a ton of performers out there who go over the top on tour and I think that Adam can definitely hang with those at the top.

I will concede that Kris is easier for the wider band of audience to identify with. He is easy going, listen to anytime kind of music.

I will be happy either way and I think that all 4 of the last contestants have a bright future ahead of them if they are smart in how they manage the opportunities sure to come along.

All in all, I think it is one of the best seasons Idol has ever had.