Tuesday, May 5, 2009

American Idol-Rock Night

I watched Bonnie Hunt today and she did a great interview with Kara D. I really like her. A lot. She is smart, she is focused, and she is real. Not all 'celebrity-ish', but down to earth and normal. I like that in a celebrity. Heh.

Ok, here we go-top 4, rock night. Could be good, or a train wreck... and Slash is the mentor. Hmmm. I like that it's going to be different, but I wonder who I will really like? Let's go!

Adam-Whole Lotta Love-Ok, see, I'm listening and it sounds ok, but then I look at him and I just die. Sorry Steph and The Mom; I just can't. The bare chest is just wrong, the make up is wrong, the black nail polish is wrong.

Allison-Cry Baby- I'm not a huge Janis fan, so we'll see how this goes..Huh. I like it so far. She's got great control. I really like this-she's got the voice for it, for sure.

(I love, love, love LOVE the Kris/Danny duet. I'm buying this one if it's on itunes!)(Rats. The duets aren't for sale.)

Kris- Come Together- Great song choice for Kris. I think he did amazing!

Danny- Dream On- (Can he hear himself? It looks like he can't hear the monitor?) Not great from Danny vocally, it's a really hard song. I'm still a fan, and we're voting because we don't want him to go home. So there's that.

(Adam and Allison duet of Slow Ride. Eew, the tongue. But good. They're having fun!)

Ok, top to bottom, Kris, Allison, Danny, Adam.

Tell me what you think, then go see what everyone else thinks at Sophie/BooMama's place!

Headless Mom


Smoochiefrog said...

I loved both duets. I think Adam killed it.

kyooty said...

commenting for comments sake cause I love reading :)

Jenna said...

Hey I found you from Boomama...I totally agree with you on the top to bottom!! Except I'd put Adam before Danny. (on last night's performance only) But I'm a Danny & Kris fan too so I voted for them both.

Anonymous said...

I have to say it wasn't my fave night of singing. I thought Danny sounded terrible and I didn't think Allison did so well...she should have killed it, but didn't it.

Not my favorite Adam night, I have to admit. However, that guy would sure give a great concert. C'mon Headless! Don't you remember High School and glam rock?

I will say that the competition is only gonna get fiercer!