Sunday, May 24, 2009

Around The Blogosphere

Happy Memorial Day, everyone. I hope you have hugged your local vet in honor of today.

I have so many links for you that I thought a holiday would be a great time to throw them in. Most of us will have a little extra time today, right? Please follow the trail I'm leaving, and throw these gals (and a guy!) a comment or two to let them know you were around.

Queen B- The royal family asking for some serious prayer for their daughter to be released from Guatemala for adoption. God moves in mighty ways, let's all help them out, ok?

Carmen of Mom To The Screaming Masses and Issa of Issa's Crazy World both have recently had miscarriages and could use some cyber hugs.

Shan of Charming B**** is recovering from the most radical cancer surgery that I've ever heard of. Please pray for her family and her recovery.

If you're new to blogging, or are just looking for some tips to freshen things up, go see Michelle of Scribbit. She has written an e-book that is knocking my socks off. And it's FREE!!!

Loralee, Backpacking Dad and Ramblin' Red became parents again this week, (although not with each other, heh), and their boys, all 3 of them, are so cute, it's making my ovaries hurt.

I have an IRL friend that has recently joined us bloggers. Just Breathe is becoming a delightful place to hang out, and her puppy is TOO adorable. Go see for yourself!

Anne Glamour of My Tiny Kingdom has thrown in the towel on blogging. I'm heartbroken. If you haven't added your goodbye to her last post, you should, and while you are there read my favorite post of hers titled "It's Natural, But It's Rated R" and be prepared to laugh your socks off. I miss you, Anne!

Carmen is also now writing for Diets in Review, which is a great place for exercise and nutrition information. Check it out and let her know you were there on one of her posts!

Gwendomama is having a rough time right now, to say the least. If you can help her out, (and after reading her story you'll want to,) then use paypal to give her a little boost if you can. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

You all read Post Secret, right? Well, similarly there is Dear Old Love. And if you like more interactive sites, then there is In Three Words, where you can add your 3 word answer to the prompt. These blogs always make me think...

So, I think that I have covered them all. Have a great day, y'all, and have a hot dog for me!

Headless Mom


skyesofblue said...

I will definately have that hot dog today! Thank you for all the links, looking forward to reading all of them. Thank you also for the plug, you didn't have to do that, it is greatly appreciated. To quote you "These people are way smarter than me."

Ramblin' Red said...

Oh girl, thanks for the shout out, and yes I do think my lil guy has the ability to induce ovary aching on account of his snuggle-bunny-ness,so thanks for affirming this for us ;-) On a technical note though, he was 1 month old today. Already :( I just didn't get to share him with y'all as soon as I'd have liked to.