Friday, May 15, 2009

A Benefit of Living in Southern California

I'm usually pretty clear about the fact that I don't love living in Southern California, and there's many reasons for that. However, I'm here today to tell you that there are some benefits. (I know!) There are also benefits to having a husband that is on call 24/7- he makes really good friends on those overnight jobs; friends that want to take us out to have fun.

On Wednesday evening we had the great fortune to have been invited to Angel Stadium of Anaheim to see the Angels host the Boston Red Sox. I'll get to the game in just a minute but Oh Man, we had the greatest dinner before the game.

We met Headless Dad's business friend and his wife at The Lazy Dog Cafe near the stadium a couple of hours before game time. Happy Hour Pomegranite Mojitos for me (I'd never had one before...y'all were holding out on me. Summer yumminess in a glass. Seriously,) beers for the guys, and a cosmo for my fellow wife-in-attendance. I had the Maggie's Snake River salad: BACON, (hello, anything with bacon is yummy,) cranberries, candied walnuts. (Don't talk to me about calories, folks, it could have been worse.)

Once we got to the game we only had to wander for a moment to get to our seats. (If you want to see exactly where we sat, click on this, then click on section 111. Oh my word.) Our seats were right behind the dugout. Honestly, Vladimir Guerrero stood in front of us for half of the game, and we could have set our beers on the dugout. Well, if they allowed that sort of thing. After a slow start for the Angels, they beat the Red Sox, 8-4, in an entirely-too-short game. With seats like that you want to linger a little longer. We even made the jumbo-tron in the first inning-a first for the headless couple!

So, see? There are great benefits to living in Southern California. I'll take nights like that any time! My only regret? That I didn't bring my camera. (I know, "bad blogger!")

Just in case you're wondering: I was not paid for this post. My husband and I were guests of another couple for this evening and I loved every minute so much I had to share my experience. I'm a good blogger that way. However, if you are a business owner or PR person in Southern California feel free to contact me to write about your product at my review blog.

Headless Mom


kyooty said...

YES! cameras are a must. That menu made me hungry, and I've already had lunch today.

Amazing Greis said...

Wow, great seats. Sounds like you had a SUPER time. Don't forget the camera next time, mkay!

Deborah Pucci said...

Sounds like a great evening.

The Glamorous Life said...

We have tickets on the 25th for the White Socks game and guess where we are sitting? Section 111 happy to know they are indeed good seats....

Don't be baggin on my So Cal. You know I love me some OC!