Sunday, June 7, 2009

Friday Shots-We're goin' To Vegas, Baby!

We left a little early so Headless Dad could stop by one of his biggest customers' place to get some work done. He gave me the nickel tour-it looked a lot like this:

Next, we went to Slash X for lunch. Mmmm, burgers. In the middle of nowhere, but worth the drive. It was featured in the movie 'Erin Brokovitch.'

I love this pic. The truck needs a wash, though!

I should have saved this for Sky Watch Friday. The dessert was beautiful this weekend. Especially because it never got over 84 degrees the whole time. I love the shadows on the hills and the deep blue sky.

Dressed to hit the New York, New York for a show!

And this was only Friday! Stay tuned...

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Headless Mom


Keetha Broyles said...

Fun menagerie!!!! You guys look GREAT, even headless, for your night out on the town.

Amazing Greis said...

Great pictures, can't wait to see the rest!