Monday, June 1, 2009

I'm Famous, Y'all. Kinda.

Diets in Review - Weight Loss and Diet Blog

Hey! I'm guest posting today over at Diets in! Come check it out and tell me-(and them!) how cool I am.

Or not. Heh.

And for those of you who are here visiting from Diets in Review, Welcome! Hang around a while and get to know me and my crazy life. There are a few of my favorite posts over there in the sidebar...or click on some of the tags at the end of this post to see what else I have to say. Thanks for coming by!

Headless Mom


skyesofblue said...

You are way cool!

Amazing Greis said...

You are awesome, and my future Chicago roomie.
So excited!!!

kyooty said...

OMG! go you! i'm so very impressed! go you!!! :) oh and I have something for you on my blog today too :)