Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday, Monday

Today I will send HB#1 off to his first sleep-away summer camp with our church. It's been 10 years or so since I did this with HG. It feels different somehow. Is it because he's a boy? Or that I've sent one off to camp before? Not easier, just different. Well, a little easier.

This also means that I will be entertaining a 7yo all by myself for a week. Yikes! We have been walking/riding bikes each day to start to condition him for football (uh, and my new found fluff around the middle.) I'm trying to pull out all of the free things to do. Well, a couple anyway. Any ideas besides the library?


We are leaving for Colorado in about 10 days and amazingly it's hardly even on the radar yet. Between camp and a couple of other commitments I have my head in other places. Next Sunday night I'll have 2 extra boys here, and all day next Monday, too. Their mom is having surgery and I promised that I'd help somehow. Considering I leave the day after her surgery, not only is it the least I can do, but it's also all I can do. Maybe I'll make a dinner to put in their freezer, too. (This family is part of our new-found 'people'. I know that they'd do it for me, too.) Look for an all-nighter to get everyone packed. Maybe I'll tweet it so you can join in on the fun? (Kidding! Maybe.)


I have an update of sorts on the note from the teacher that I wrote about a few weeks ago. I was able to talk to the teacher. Turns out she was very sick that week. While I let her know how I felt about how she said it, I let her explain herself. Mostly she was trying to let me know to keep an eye on his attention/study habits in class. One of her examples was a boy that had similar issues and had a slight iron deficiency. Once the iron issue was addressed the problem went away. I get where she's coming from and even though she was sick she was pretty upset that she had upset me so much. Basically, wait and watch to see if it continues, gets worse or improves with age (or another teacher? heh.). Thanks to all of you who talked me down off of the ledge and let me know that I wasn't crazy.


Headless Girl left on Saturday for her summer trip to her mom's house. She has a full-time internship this time so I know that she'll be busy, and the time will fly. It's always a little more quiet around here with her gone. I wish that she could go to Colorado this year. (She on the other hand could care less. She's 18 and Colorado has neither her friends or her boyfriend. I get it.) I miss you, baby! Love you lots and have fun!


Speaking of Colorado, since I won't be posting as much I'd love to have a few guest posters to fill in while I'm playing. I'll even take posts to publish anonymously if you'd like. Email me and we'll talk!


Thanks for letting me ramble about the 'stuff'. Just needed to get these few things off of my chest. Have a great week!

Headless Mom


kyooty said...

WOW! WOW WOW! on the iron idea. That sounds so very likely here too. I have TJ going tomorrow to get his blood tested due to a lot of bleeding noses, but if he's having Bleeding noses he might also be losing iron? and wow! I'm going t have ot get that checked out.

What's this about guest posts? maybe you can write some "to be posted lateR" or "reruns?" hahah :)

Amazing Greis said...

Have fun in Colorado, you'll get back just in time for a trip to Chicago. Can you tell I'm excited? Can't wait!

Keetha Broyles said...

Church camp is the best - - - I'm sure HB1 will love it.

Just Breathe said...

Wow, busy all the way. I am sure that you miss HG. With HB#1 out you should have a quite week. (I have no ideas for free stuff but wouldn't it be fun to go to the Zoo) Colorado will be wonderful!
Have a great time with your family.
How sweet of you to help your friend, your so kind. Also, I am happy the teacher explained it all to you after leaving you so upset. I am sure the next time she sends a note home she will be more careful with her words!

meandmom said...

Glad things were "ironed" out with the teacher! :)

What a fun adventure for HB.....I always loved summer sleep away camp!

Loving your BlogHer prep posts....wish I had a real use for them :( But what am I really worried about....I don't even have time to blog these days, much less go to a conference about blogging!
Have fun for me!

shannanb aka Mommy Bits said...

Wow! Sleep away camp? Not sure I'm ready for that idea! Free things to do.....what about museums? Our museum is Free on the weekends. What about going to the beach or perhaps to a farm?