Monday, June 8, 2009

Quickie (vol. 2)

My Headless Boy#1 is on the Phillies, right? It's been no secret that they had a rough start to the season. Tonight they played the team that was in first place for the majority of the season, the Red Sox.

The Phillies won! 20-13.

It must have been hard for those kids that lost, but they were a class act. They played hard up until the final moment, even when it was pretty evident that they were going to lose. After they shook hands with our boys they came over to the parents and applauded US. Seriously Classy.

I'm so proud of our boys, and could write a book right now but here's the run down for the rest of the week: Game Wed. 7pm. If we win we play on Thursday at 7pm. If we win on Thursday, we play in the championship game on Saturday.

If I'm a little distracted this week, now you know why!


Oh, and another thing, there is a few days left on my giveaway and all you people need to enter again. You can enter once a day!

Headless Mom


kyooty said...

GO Phillies!!!! what a great season!

Tester said...
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skyesofblue said...

Busy, busy, busy, but what fun, that's what having children is all about. Have fun! Keep us posted on the games.

Label Daddy Mommy said...

Oh how fun!!! How classy of the other team to applaud you guys. I bet everyone was super excited!

Found your blog from the RSVP list of the People's Party! Label Daddy will be there, can't wait to network and meet ya in Chicago!