Friday, July 31, 2009

Fitness Friday

It is decreed that today begins "Fitness Friday" here at the Headless Casa. Would you like to join me? First, for my story...

I have been far too lax in my exercise and eating and thus have added 5 too many pounds to my frame. Last November, you might remember, that I posted my weight for all the internet to see. Since that time I seriously let a few things go. Namely my belly and my diet. Ahem.

Our youngest started football conditioning this week-two hours each day of running, stretching, agility, and running. He also has to watch his weight. I've mentioned here before that he is a big kid and always has been but to make weight for his age we have to keep an eye on what and how much he eats. He's always been an eater, that one, and we don't want it to get away from him. Thus, we are watching what and how much we all eat this week.

And, I figured that since I had to be at the track anyway....

Which leads me to Fitness Friday. Each Friday I'll be posting here about our successes. It might be what I have or have not eaten this week. (Because we all know that walking away from cake is a success in itself, right?) Or it might be a new exercise that I tried, or how many miles I walked. It might be how many pounds that I lost (please!!!). Anything fitness related is game.

So, this week during practice I started walking again. On Wednesday, I walked about 3 miles on the track, and ran 1/4 mile of that. (Baby steps, right?) On Thursday I did the same. Also this week I have gotten back to only 2 cups of coffee, instead of the three or more I'd been up to.

Meals: more protein, eating sensible breakfasts, low fat, more fruits. No crazy snacking. Only one piece of birthday cake on Wednesday.

Leave me a comment and tell me the successes you've had this week! Don't just sit there-exercise your fingers! (Oh, and feel free to write your own post, link here, and leave us all the link in your comment. If needed I'll eventually get a Mr. Linky.)

Headless Mom


Anonymous said...

Oh sister! I'm right there with you. Vacation eating + turning 40 this last year = increasing numbers on the scale! Yikes! As soon as Washington state breaks this nasty heat wave (no AC for me!)....I'll be hitting the treadmill.

Just Breathe said...

I'm going to be back to check this out. I certainly did allot of walking this last week. (Knott's,
Hollywood, Santa Monica, and the Vegas strip for a few days.) Boy did my legs and feet feel it! I have so much to tell you.

Rocks In The Wash said...

Good for you!!! I too have decided to get in shape. We are planning a scuba trip to Roatan, Honduras at the end of January and need to lose a little... So far.. down 14 pounds and many more to go. Good-luck and keep up the good work!