Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wanted: Mojo. Send immediately!

I need to get off of this machine and actually DO something. Maybe having a list will help? Because the heat here certainly isn't helping AT.ALL.

To Do and Pack before Wednesday:

  • figure out outfits for each day, including jewelery and shoes
  • make sure all outfits are washed and ironed
  • pack said outfits
  • (remember to wear only what I won't be taking to avoid the last-minute-washload. heh.)
  • download all pictures currently in the camera so it will be ready to go on Wed.
  • pay bills and figure out how much cash I'll have for the week (and how much Headless Dad will have for him and the boys on their camping trip!)
  • gather some food/snacks so I'll have more money for getting inked and wine
  • organize my purse-New! by Janine King for BlogHer! (mine is a different pattern. perfect for traveling, I heart it already!!!)
  • further research the L, the tattoo shop, and the closest place to buy wine
  • gather and pack all of the makeup and hair stuff that I need
  • make sure I've added all cell phone numbers to my phone that I'll need
  • change my hotel reservation to reflect my roommate change (Greis, please check on Mon. eve. that I haven't forgotten!)
  • figure out the suitcase situation. I need to make sure that I have an extra to check if I need to on the way home-thus I may need to pack and repack to get to the right combo.
  • give myself a mani-pedi
  • pack for the boys for their trip (What's the weather in Bishop, CA this week?)
  • gather all power cords to pack
  • check to see if I have any thing else to add to my ipod (There's no way I'm getting to this one!)
  • prewrite a post for Wed. while I'm traveling
What have I forgotten?

Headless Mom


Just Breathe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Just Breathe said...

Yes my other comment was removed because I made such stupid spelling errors. I can't seem to type today.

You forgot the Tylenol!
Also ME in your suitcase!
So I am ordering you some Mojo (check)
Your list looks perfect. (check)

Also Bishop can be extremely hot.
It is like the weather we are having here now when we drive through each August. Also remind HD to go to Schat's Bakery and also if he likes jerkey that at the far end of town is Mahagony Smoked Meats. He probably already knows this but I just couldn't pass up the reminder. (check)

I also hit the casino each summer
because you know I couldn't pass that up!

kyooty said...

You look like your almost ready to get there, and it's only Sunday :P

Soliloquy said...

Problem with my email... Couldn't reach you!

My brother is in town this week. Crazy but fun timing! Marcy came today with the boys to hang out with us at the pool.

I'm so sorry it didn't work to see you before we head to Catalina! Next weekend is wide open for us but you'll be at blogher. Can't wait to read about it!

Mudslide Mama said...

Are you really planning to get a tattoo at BlogHer??? I would definitely want to see that!

I've never been to BlogHer; this will be my first year. How about you?

Headless Mom said...

@MudslideMama Yes, that's the plan. Find me and I'll show you!

I went to BH in SFO last year and it was great. My must-go event of the year now!

Amazing Greis said...

Squee...3 days and counting!!!

Love the don't wear anything I plan on taking bullet item. I so have that same bullet item on my list.

I am so beyond excited about Thursday. Though, I would like to apologize right, just in case I snore. LOL

P.S. Don't forget to call the hotel!

See you in Chicago!!!

shannanb aka mommybits said...

OMG, your post just reminded me of how much I have to do before blogHer...UGH!

Cant wait to see you!

lcrr_khs said...

From a Chicagoan (transplanted in central IL)....

Bring a sweater that goes with everything and an umbrella. The weather's goofy.

Bring flip flops and capri pants and splash in the water at the Crown Fountain (The faces - you will know it when you see it) and Millennium Park. Truly one of the best places on God's green earth, where all of mankind are one in the joy of water and the faces. While there, take a look at the Bean and take a picture.

NEVER wear conference credentials outside of the conference. Chicago is a lovely place, but all conference-goers are encouraged to practice this rule so you don't stick out like a non-native.

OK, I think that's it.

Kathleen S.
Normal, IL

Rocks In The Wash said...

Have a great time; I can't wait to hear how it all went!

Don't forget to pack the first aid kit for the boys!!!

The Stiletto Mom said...

I'm packing a big duffel bag for the swag, folds up easy and doesn't take up too much room...almost forgot that important part, thanks for the reminder!

Can't wait to meet you!