Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Few Things That Are Annoying Me Today

  • Uncleared easment/horsetrails. As I was walking this morning I was super paranoid about critters running around on the horsetrail. When some people don't clear the weeds I get extra special paranoid that a snake will appear out of a hole and, I don't know, eat me or something. Kinda hard to walk thinking about that stuff.
  • Asking for volunteers without giving a clear picture of what that job will detail.
  • Small jobs that turn out to be big. And shouldn't be.
  • Some stupid show on Discovery (or something) that was about rats. Can I not get away from them?
  • The school 'springing' Back-to-School Night on me. (OK. So I should remember that it is on the Thursday after school starts, but with everything I have going on I always forget.)
  • Jobs, responsibilities, or just stuff that has slowly shifted from other peoples' 'list' to my own.
  • The damn heat. (I know it could be worse, and I'm thankful that it's not, but still. HOT!)
  • The cost of all of the extra football equipment that we 'need'. And the lack of customer service at a sporting goods store with a name that can also double as part of a man's anatomy. Seriously. I'm dropping good money here, someone should be able to answer my questions.
  • Martha Stewart. Everything she does is an advertisement for HER. Tired of it, already.
  • Exercising and watching what I'm eating and still not losing a single, stinking pound.
So. What's annoying you today?

Headless Mom


kyooty said...

car sales men that call and claim they got my home number from my hubbie when he made sujre not to give out our number.

boys that think that mommy should be their entertainment after I've bought them everything I can think of to self entertain, yes i'm itchyb today,

groceries why can't they all stay in the fridge for when i need them without me having to buy more?

or just a few

becca said...

- The fact that I've tripped over the same toy in my family room 7 times, I keep moving it and it somehow is still under my feet
- I can not find a sitter to come for 3 hours a week. Everyone wants more hours and all I want is to get out by myself 3 hours a week... i guess it's too much to ask

Sorry you had an annoying day... hope it's better tomorrow!

Steph said...

Sorry you had a rough one honey...I'm right there with ya.

-ex wives that send emails that are completely out of line...then after getting the response she didn't want, calling and leaving an even more out of line voice mail. Get a freaking life you horrible woman!

-In real life friends who have NOTHING to say but call and want to spend an hour on the phone while I listen to kids cry, scream or whine in the background.

-exhusbands who contribute nothing to their daughter's life, nor to her education, spiritual well being or even an email, call, or card for birthdays, graduation or other special occasions.

-people that think because I don't work, that I want to babysit their kids.

-quitting smoking and having the father in law while staying with us, smoke right directly under the open window to our main living room.

I could go on, but it would get me no where. I think I need to make a post like this. Maybe the ex-wife will see it. URRRG!

Love ya honey!

Anonymous said...

The summer cold that will not go away!

Kelly said...

*school supply lists (need I say more?)

* children that bicker with each other and when separated somehow find themselves right back together again to yell "stop it!" "don't"

*husbands who wake me in the middle of the night with their snoring and loud breathing

Ruralmama said...

*Never having enough money for life's basic necessities, like food.

*Friends I never get to see.

*I'm with you on the weight loss issue--when you lift weights every-other-day and do cardio on the off days and have a 1500-calorie diet, you should lose weight, right? Wrong, apparently. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

*If I read one more thing about Jon and Kate (it's next to impossible to avoid and I don't have television!) I'm going to become homicidal. Oops, too late! :-)

*Feeling annoyed.

Good luck!

AmazingGreis said...

Have a good weekend! You know what's annoying me, that I really want a McDonald's Burger and fries, but someone had to go and give up Fast Food for 20 days. What kind of a crazy person does that? LOL

Headless Mom said...

@Ruralmama -I can't believe that I forgot to mention Jon and Kate! Yep. They're annoying me too.

Just Breathe said...