Friday, August 28, 2009

Fitness Friday #4

Do you walk/run on a track? I usually hate it because it's so monotonous but I figured out how to make it more interesting. It goes something like this:

  • walk the first lap
  • stretch
  • run the second lap
  • do a set of push-ups
  • walk/run one lap
  • set of tricept pushups
  • walk/run one lap
  • {sit ups, push ups, etc.}
  • repeat
Doing this on Tuesday night helped me go OVER 3 MILES without flinching. I stretched my arms while I was walking each lap. Make sure to stretch out gooood at the end or you'll pay for the next couple of days.

Of course I'm still sitting on my same number on the scale. It won't budge, but I'm noticing a little extra room in my pants and shorts, so I guess that's good.


The football weigh in went great! He made weight; with some to spare, I think. The weight limit for his age is 90lb. and the morning of he weighed 85 or so. The whole saga of watching his/our food intake is a story in and of itself, so I'll do that later. So much football, so little time.


I have to run...I'm super busy today. Some important phone calls, helping at the school, working on the room, swimming after school, Target. Gah! If the stars align right I'm going to have a killer weekend to tell you about so stay tuned!

Headless Mom


Just Breathe said...

Great news on the weigh in.
Looking forward to Mondays post!

Anonymous said...

Are there no running trails where you live?

Headless Mom said...

Karen-there are horse trails all through my neighborhood but sometimes I can't get my workout in earlier in the day. I walk the track while my younger son is at football practice! Killing 2 birds with one stone!