Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Some Wonderfully Fabulous Links For Wednesday

There are some posts that you must know about this week, so here we go!

  • Schmutzie turned 6 yesterday and is giving away a 4gb ipod. Go enter! Happy Day, Schmutzie, and thanks for sharing your brilliance with us. (I'm not sure how long this will be open so hurry if you're interested.)
  • Kelly said the nicest things about me when she accepted her award. I love that we're still friends after all these years and after all the crap that we've been through. Oh, and I wouldn't change a thing! I miss you, friend!
  • Darren at ProBlogger has the coolest post up today. It's about a secret blog alliance that is helping one another through comments, links, guest blogs, etc., and I love the concept.
  • Michelle got me thinking about allowances for kids. I'm actually thinking that I need to re-think my philosophy on this. My kids won't like it, but I sure will!
  • Do you need to write an anonymous post? Chris over at 3Giraffes has a great idea for you. go quick before time runs out! If I had the time, I totally would do it! (It might be too late. If so maybe we'll do a round over here? Let me know what you think.)
  • And there are about 89 truths in this list. (No matter that there are only 59,) Auds knows how to make me laugh!
OK, now. On with your day!

Headless Mom


Scribbit said...

Hey, just don't tell them it was me that put you up to it :)

Audrey at Barking Mad! said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Darren over at ProBlogger! He is da man! Well, OK next to my hubby that is. *lol*

Oh hey, I'm on your list too. *LMAO* I got so caught up in seeing Darren's name up there that I didn't even notice me. Little ol' me! Thank for the linky love.

And that list? It was pretty funny wasn't it? Maybe I'll be the one to create the sarcastic font. I wish!

Kelly said...

the blog alliance is compelling. If every person who posts a comment here goes to every link you shared and posts a comment and then posts to every other commenter too that would get the ball rolling. so many peeps come by but just don't comment. grrr!