Thursday, September 10, 2009

What have I gotten myself into?

We've been practicing football for over a month now. Yes, I said "we". (I'll get to that in a moment...) And the first real game is on Saturday. Thankfully, it's a home game. Kind of easing us into this mess-and I mean MESS!

The first week of practice (5 days, conditioning,) was ok. You've listened to me talk complain about eating dinner early (4pm) so that Headless boy #2 wouldn't get sick at practice from the heat. You answered my pleas for help when I needed meal ideas when we were watching the diet for weigh-in. Did I mention that I was suckered into being the team mom? Luckily, there are 4 of us, but still? Team mom? What was I thinking? To my defense, I asked what the duties were and was told "Oh, just making a snack schedule for the games." My a@@.

So, the next week, in the middle of the first week in pads, and trying to loose weight, we were told that we had to do a snack bar the following week. Yep, that would have been the first week of school! We had 5 days to collect money from each family, come up with a menu, do all of the shopping, and have volunteers for 4 nights. *sigh* So the first week of school looked like this: kids to school, walk, shop for the snack bar, ice the drinks, get kids from school, feed the kids at 4, get ready for practice, go early to practice, set up, sell, break down, get home, get the kids showered and in bed, collapse. Wash, rinse, repeat. For four days. We made $561, so I suppose it was worth it.

The weekend following that we were scheduled for a scrimmage. Aren't scrimmages supposed to be against one team? Gah! 10 plays us, 10 plays them, repeat, break, repeat 2x. Long break. Switch teams. TIMES 5. Oh, did I mention it is summer here? And we were not told that we would be at the field for 5 hours? Oh, and add to that the people that were asking me if I had brought X,Y, and Z because I'm the team mom? I actually layed into a couple of people that day because of the lack of information. I'm happy to do a job if I actually am told what needs to be done. Is that too unreasonable?

(I might insert here that we were told that on the first week of school we were going down to only 3 days of practice per week. Uh, NOT.)

So the next week on Tuesday, when we were supposed to be getting ready for the BIG WEIGH IN, I was told that they had to weigh in in their padded pants, tshirts, and socks. Huh? When we were first told about weigh in, it was shorts. I loooove being lied to! Makes me sooooo happy.

{You might remember that #2 is my big kid. He was 11lb. when he was born, and has stayed on that growth pattern ever since. The weight limit for 7yo's in this league is 90 lbs. He has been 89 lbs. for about a year now and due for a weight gain. He tends to gain a bunch then grow up into the weight. We held our breath all summer long.}

At the start of practice waaaay back in July he weighed in at 92 lbs. We watched what he ate. He busted his butt at practice. His pants added up to 3 lbs., depending on the time of day he got on the scale. Great.

The last few days before weigh in were a nightmare, but #2 was a trooper. The day before, he weighed in at 88lbs., and ate the following: breakfast-scrambled eggs (1 whole, 1 white), watermelon, lunch-rice cake, watermelon, dinner- half of a chicken breast with a teaspoon of barbeque sauce for dipping, water, and watermelon (2 bites). I hated doing that to my 7 year old. Seriously sucked.

The morning of weigh in he got on the scale. 87. Breakfast? A sip of water, 2 bites of watermelon. Then he peed. 85. Off to weigh in, and (finally!) he made it.

I handed him a bottle of water and a box of Cheeze-Its. Then we went to McDonalds for an early lunch of cheeseburgers and milkshakes. Well deserved, I say.


Sorry! I can't believe how long this is already. So, I'm going to end here and continue later. I swear I'll finish. Really! Because I haven't even gotten to the real bitching yet. Aren't you excited? Heh. Come back soon!

Headless Mom


Anonymous said...

I can hardly wait to hear the rest of the bitching...

becca said...

You've just given me AT LEAST 5 more reasons that I don't want my son to play football! OMG... i gotta hand it to you (and your son!). Good thing girls don't need to have weigh ins or we'd be introducing anorexia at a very early age!

The Mom said...

I get the busy schedule.....I get the need for volunteers.....I can even get the lack of communication. What I can't get? These are SEVEN year olds! When I looked at #2's sad little menu, I wanted to faint! Don't they just get to show up and play at that age? I mean, for realz! I hope he has a great season though! He sure did earn it.....and so did you!

Rocks In The Wash said...

OMG, I was exhausted just reading the post!

I'm so excited for the season to begin for your boys; what fun they'll have!!

Just Breathe said...

I'll be back. Glad to hear the HB#2 passed the test. Tell him "Way to go" from me.

kyooty said...

I guess they need weight limits so that they don't clobber the other kids?

Kelly said...

well, I just might have to post about football here in Colorado. It gives me a headache just thinking about it.

The Glamorous Life Association said...

I suppose I should have spoke up when I heard you were doing this. My Tucker did Football for 2 years. Once flag and once tackle. he was the star Quarterback. He LOVED IT.

I was appalled how the children are treated,and frankly uncomfortable with seeing kids put on diets (to lose and GAIN)and the responsibilities of the team mom are horrendous (I also did it). Get in touch with the head of your Pop Warner and ask for a print out of Team Mom stuff(they have it) no more surprises.

It was an atmosphere I will never expose my son to again. The parents become competitive ON YOUR TEAM. Tucker was sorta a little star quarterback and fast back...and this pissed the other parents off. They were jealous and they let me AND TUCKER know it. It was so upsetting I left many games and practices in tears.

I hate pop warner. They encourage everything I don't want my kid to learn.

But Tucker? HE LOVED IT. Go figure.

We are doing Club Soccer and Fall Baseball this year. I made THAT decision.


Audrey at Barking Mad! said...

I've just spent the last 35 minutes catching up with the headless family and can I say...I need a drink. Especially after all this football talk. I think I need more than a drink. Make it a stiff one.

When my boys were little it was always baseball this and baseball that. I never thought I'd live through it, but I did. And after reading your post about all this football stuff, I can honestly say I had it easy.

Almost makes me glad Gaby is a girl. Of course, if the princess phase doesn't kill me, I'm sure the imaginary friend phase will.

Steph said...

Congrats HB#2 - and MOM! Holy cow, I am so proud of you for being able to do all this. You are seriously amazing! BRAVO!

Next time you are thinking of being any kind of "...MOM" other than the "at home busy mom" me, I'll talk you out of it!