Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Luckily There Wasn't a Big Mess

So many things going on, so little time. Currently:

  • Football practice was rained out on Tuesday. Normally I would have been excited but I had a bunch of food cooking for the snack bar (each age level runs it throughout the season,) and it ended up just being a pain.
  • Wednesday was the busiest day I've had in a loooong time. I had a business call to get in somewhere in between working in the classroom and 2 scout meetings (one was here, I ran it, and one was at a local gymnastics facility,) with little time for transition. Got the call in though. More news to follow....
  • I must find a way to feed the 4 (5) of us from my freezer and cupboards. Sandwich suggestions, anyone?
  • Oh, and practice was canceled by email around 12:30. Then, while at the gym at 4pm I got a call that our practice WAS STILL ON. Holy cow, did I have a mini-panic. (Remember the snack bar thing?) Anyway, after busting a move to get all of my stuff done, stopping for ice, and racing to the field I found out that we were not having snack bar after all.
And then my head exploded.

Headless Mom


Steph said...

I personally feel like this post is the reason you are headless, and I can completely understand. You have more of your share of these days...

I love your strength!


kyooty said...

Seasonly appropriate but if you're headless how does it explode? :P

I think you did well.Yesterday was my busy day I'm susposedto be at the grocerystore but I'm cleaning for an invasion

Just Breathe said...

Oh shit, that sucked on the snacks!
Hope the rest of your week will be better.