Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Nineteen is college, friends, a boyfriend.

Nineteen is freedom, work, and studying.

Nineteen is sleep, shopping, sorrow.

Nineteen is lessons learned, and lessons to learn.

Nineteen is womanly yet so young.

Nineteen is letting go and being held on to.

Nineteen is my baby, almost all grown up.

Nineteen is hard for your mama. You're gone in so many ways. I sit here and reluctantly watch you go, yet I cheer you on.

I cheer for you, Nineteen. It will be so much better than eighteen, yet not as golden as what will come after.

Happy Birthday, Bug. You'll always be my first baby no matter how old you get.

Headless Mom


kyooty said...

19 is drinking up here... just saying...:)

Rocks In The Wash said...

Absolutely sweet.

Remember when... CO, 18 was legal under the "grandfather's clause", and WY, 19 was legal for anything. ;D

Just Breathe said...

What a great post. She is nineteen and beautiful!

Steph said...

Awe! Happy Birthday HG - I hope it is/was a wonderful one!!!!!

Kooty - SHHHH! :) Mamma doesn't want to hear that I'm sure! LOL

Rocks in the Wash - Idaho same way! Grandfathered in...only I missed it by "that much"...

Holler if you need me HM...I'm here for you honey! PS...BabyAm is my "Baby Bug" "Bug" etc...sooo sweet!

AmazingGreis said...

19? I remember 19! Happy Birthday HG, hope it's a good one!!!

Anonymous said...

When I saw your post title in my reader I smiled 'cuz I knew what (or who) it was going to be about. Happy Birthday to Headless Girl and Happy Birthday to her Headless Mom......wasn't HG the beginning of your headlessness in the first place? ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks mom!

kyooty said...

Happy Birthday Anonymous Headless Girl. I'm just putting that legal drinking age out there cause some mom's and daughters would like to celebrate this "move" on to more adulthood with a glass of wine or champagne.Come on up for a visit.