Monday, November 30, 2009

The Last Night

It's been a long month, but I survived.

And apparently so did you, since you're still here reading!

Earlier this evening I skimmed my posts for this month and all in all I'm pretty impressed with myself. I actually wrote more than I didn't, if that makes sense. I'm a better blogger for having done this exercise this year. You hope anyway. Heh.

I also noticed a few loose ends that I should tie up....

  • For my last Just Curious I asked about political issues. My big one is still immigration/border control/healthcare. I live in a border state. Just sayin'.
  • I mentioned that I had gotten a phone call that you would want to hear about. It was in reference to the massive cluster **** that surrounded my son's last football game. One of the defensive coaches called to talk to me, HD, and HB#2. He apologized for not being aware enough of what was going on with the game to realize what was going on. He said that he was wrong to not stand up for the kids, and after this season he would certainly never make that mistake again. This is one stand up guy. I was hugely impressed that he called and talked to all 3 of us. It was the right thing to do in a crappy situation and we were all thankful that he had called.
  • Peter posted some positive news about Anissa yesterday. Keep fighting, Girl!
And in other news, I found the best nightgown at Target the other day! It's like one of those spaghetti-strap tanks (with a built in bra!) but it comes down below my knees. It is really cute, soft, and the best part? It was $4.98. Seriously. (Gillian O'Malley, size Large, if you're interested in getting me a gift. Preferably any color except pink, since that's what I bought.) Next time you're in Target go grab one for yourself. You'll love me next spring when you pull it out, assuming that you live somewhere cold and won't be wearing it this winter. Otherwise you'll love me now. It's that comfy.

Oh, and I finally won the BFL this week! After my awful finish last week I came back for the big win, choosing 13/16 games correctly. Yea me! Stay tuned for the winner's badge-as soon as Greis sends it, it will go up.

I guess that is enough random for tonight. Did you complete NaBloPoMo? If so, let me know in the comments. It's huge thing to complete. I'm tired.

I'll check in later this week, I promise, but I'm way behind on cleaning, decorating, and getting ready for a certain big boy's first sleep over.

Oh yeah, and there's that little thing of grocery shopping...

Headless Mom


AmazingGreis said...

I told you this would be your week!!! I'll be sending the badge shortly. WTG!!!

Just Breathe said...

Congratulations on your BFL picks.
Thanks for the link to the post on Anissa. $4.98 and you didn't buy it? I never answered your political question but I agree with you 100%

Cap'n Sam said...

After a whole month of Blogging, you deserve a break !!!
See ya soon---