Sunday, November 15, 2009

What Is Wrong With People?

My heart is weeping tonight for my sweet #2. It has been a rough weekend.

On Saturday, his football team had their first playoff game. Long story, but this is what it boiled down to. His coach wanted to win so badly that HB and 7 other kids didn't get in the game AT ALL.

Let that sink in for a moment. Or no, I'll help you comprehend. One overly egotistical 37 year old man made 8, 7 and 8 year old kids sit on the side line of their very first football playoff ever. Who does that? All the while, one of the kids who played every down on defense had the stomach flu and during offensive possessions he sat next to the trash can.

The afternoon was not good or pretty, and I won't write about the rest, but it didn't end well.

And they lost.

Crushing 8 kids. Was it worth it?

So today, I took the boys to church. I figured we needed a little (a lot) of Jesus to get over that day. Jesus is good. The boys left with a smile. I'm glad, becuase I didn't see it again all day.

Today was the day of Headless Boy #2's birthday party. One that we had to cancel last month because he had been sick. So after church off I went to get the cake, ice cream, and other party necessities. Came home, lunched the kids, and got ready for the party.

{Aside. The kid plans brilliant parties. This year he wanted to have a light saber battle in our yard. My contribution was light sabers for each kid. Seriously. Let the kids run for a few hours and give them a five dollar toy for their trouble. Load them up with sugar and send them home. That's all he wanted to to: play with his friends.}

Start time: 1:30
First guest arrival 1:40 (the neighbor kid)

Yep. That was it. No one else showed.

Not even kidding. Even the 3 other kids that DID RSVP, DIDN'T SHOW.

(Not even talking about the 4 that didn't RSVP. yet.)

Who does that?

If something comes up and your plans change, CALL.
If you don't really want to come DON'T SAY YES.
If you (or your kid) gets an invitation to a party that asks for an RSVP then DO IT. SIMPLE PHONE CALL. (Yes, in this day and age I hate to make phone calls, too, but seriously? CALL)

If the ones that couldn't make it had let me know, I would have been able to schedule something for my son that wouldn't have left him feeling like he didn't have any friends. I could have called some other friends to be here instead. I could have done something. Instead, I got to hear this:

"This is the worst party ever, mom."

Words I never wanted to hear.

To every single adult involved in the crushing of my child this weekend:

I hope your kid loses his game, doesn't get invited to the next party, gets left out at recess. You need to see how it made my kid feel.

Sincerely, HM

Actually, we did smile because we made the best of a bad situation. I took funny pictures of the boys. HD played 2 on 2 football with them. We ate chocolate cake and had sodas at 3 in the afternoon. Sometimes sugar makes things all better.

Or not. He was still moping about it at bed time. I'm just sick about this, and that is putting it mildly.

(Do you know how much restraint it took to leave the choice four-letter words out of this post? I should get a medal. Just sayin'.)

Headless Mom


kyooty said...

This happened to TJ for his 7th birthday, the kid across the street and 1 other child showed up. It crushes their spirit. :( People are STUPID! Atleast for us they had RSVP'd so I didn't expect a lot to show. 2 forgot :( call and ask where they were?

Becca said...

I literally just got tears in my eyes for you and your son. That is so wrong... All of it. Will you call the moms of your son's friends to find out what happened with the party? You should. I'd be livid. And sad. Like 8 isn't hard enough. I hope this week is better... Xo

Rocks In The Wash said...

My heart just aches for HB#2; one for having such an egotistical _ss for a coach that can't look beyond his own egocentric world, and two, "friends" that don't have parents that write things down so that they don't forget birthdays!

I wish I had the cure to heal his broken heart; perhaps lots of love and kisses!

Anonymous said...

This whole thing just made me cry...sit here and weep inside for HB#2 and for you and Headless dad. What a bunch of losers ALL of those adults are. Some people just don't get it and we HAVE to deal with it. Our kids have to deal with reality, but this is WAY over the top bad behavior on the part of ALL of those adults. Cheers for leaving the four letter words out. You have my vote for hero of the weekend!

Ginny said...

UGH!!! What a gross day! Not to toot my own horn, but if my kid RSVPs to a party? He GOES. Because all I can picture in my mind is a broken-hearted kid if we don't. Hope today was better for everyone!

Headless Mom said...

Thanks, guys. Unfortunately this morning when we got in the car to go to school he told me that he's still sad about his party. *tears*

AmazingGreis said...

That totally SUCKS! I'm so sorry that it wasn't the greatest weekend. Tell HB I said Happy birthday. Hope this week is better for you all!

Kelly said...

People just suck. The adults in this scenario are doing wonders for teaching their children to grow up to be a**holes just like them. I would seriously call them and ask if they were confused about what day the party was. I feel so sad for HB2, I got tears reading this.

hugs to you!!

Mary (MPJ) said...

Oh no! That's so awful! Lots of hugs for HB and for you. :( I remember going to a New Year's party in high school where I was the only one who showed up. I'm still mad at the other kids and it wasn't even my party.

Just Breathe said...

This story breaks my heart. I am so sorry that this happened to him.
And that coach is just a jerk. In today's world it's supposed to be all about everyone playing and not about the win. FORK ALL OF THEM WHO HURT HB#2 THIS WEEKEND.

The Glamorous Life Association said...

This is really horrible. Both things.
I reccomend you take action. it will make you feel better.

Call the football league and complain (or email)...and I would make a point to call the other parents who did RSVP and ask them if their kid is sick...since you really missed them at the party. JUST TO MAKE A POINT.

People suck. But we can rise above.
We have no choice.

I am really sorry this happened. I know the pain you are feeling.

Mommy, I'm Home said...

My heart is breaking a little for you and your son. I am so sorry that this happened. How rude and inconsiderate of people not to call or show up -- or even to RSVP. And don't even get me started about the football coach...

Jennifer, Playgroups Are No Place For Children said...

Both stories just broke my heart. The game? Wow, they're 8 not 28, it's not like their were millions of dollars riding on their win.

How terrible for your son that only 1 kiddo showed up for the party. They had all better have good excuses. (This is why I'm panicking at the thought of ever hosting a birthday party..or any party for that matter.)

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Well that just stinks (also leaving out choice 4-letter words here).

Nobody seems to know etiquette anymore. The RSVP requests on invitations are not for decorations.

I'm sorry you (and your son) had to go through that. Maybe there's a lesson in this... I mean, besides the obvious "people suck" that can leave you cynical for the rest of your life.

Shame on people.

Anonymous said...

I guess it just goes to show that Jesus hates you.

Kelly said...

loving that the a-hole with the snarky comment can't put their name, hating that they come to you via my blog...

Liz@thisfullhouse said...

Really? Who does that? I admire your restraint, really. I'm sure you had some extra hugs for Headless Boy #2, because you're really nice like that.

Now, for the snarky asshole who left that annoying anon comment: F-U!

Sorry, restrained myself as best I could, my friend.

headless girl :] said...

a bunch of guys from my school said they would have come to his party. haha

And anonymous, Jesus doesn't hate anyone, not even you, and especially not my mom.


Matthew said...

I didn't mean to specifically show as anonymous... Simply that I don't have any of the accounts that they reccomend, and I did not notice the Name/Url option. Hi, my name is Matt, I live in the UK and I am very much an atheist. I have no problem with religion, only when parents force it on their children.

I honestly don't remember how I came across this blog, but It must have aggravated me enough at the time to make me post and bookmark it.

I dunno, It just sounds like you would have been better off to try and tech your kid some life lessons and help him overcome those problems as opposed to taking him to Church to escape reality.