Saturday, January 2, 2010

Resolutions? Nah.

I know that I wrote about resolutions yesterday but I'm still thinking about them. I don't normally make them, usually because I suck at making the changes to keep them. How do people do it?

I also hate that there are some resolutions that I "should" make, but since I "should" them it's 99% guaranteed that if I do I'll fail...on purpose, more than likely.

A couple of years ago, right before I turned 39 and right after my grandmother died at 101, I decided that I needed to take better care of myself. I started washing my face every night before I went to bed. (Don't mock...I've got pretty good skin and it was just not an issue before.) That was also around the time that I found blogging and Carmen. Her story kicked my ass into gear and exercising. Granted, I fall off the wagon from time to time, but in general exercise is now a regular part of my life. As is eating better-I eat breakfast more often than not, and less crap in general.

As Shannon mentioned earlier in the week, I am daily working on the level of my voice and not yelling quite as much. It really is a daily struggle and one that I'm getting a little better at. But to make it a resolution? It's an ongoing thing, one that I'm sure will last for years and years. Also? Not really measurable.

Something else that I always strive for is a better relationship with God, a better prayer life, more reading the Bible. However, that is more of a lifetime goal than something that is accomplished in a year. Sure, I could do the Bible-in-a-year plan, or other similar things, but again, life-long not necessarily resolution material.

So I guess I'll just stick with my resolutions that I wrote about yesterday. Or, take a hint from a friend that I saw on New Year's Eve...

...I resolve that I won't have sex with any midgets this year. Yep. Clear and attainable.

Headless Mom


kyooty said...


becca said...

Well I hope you don't run into any hot midgets that you just can't resist! :)

I agree... resolutions are kind of silly if you think about it but I still write them out every year!

Just Breathe said...

From what I can see you have done a great job with your health & body. Yes, you do have great skin!
Happy New Year Dear Friend.

AmazingGreis said...

So I'm a little behind on blog reading, but if you fail at this resolution you totally better blog about it!!! LOL It may be TMI, but I would totally want all the details!!! :)

I'm not making a resolution this year, because I always fail at them so why even set my self up like that!?!?!