Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Works for Me Wednesday-The Snark Edition

I know that I haven't participated in WFMW in a sweet forever. Sorry about that. However, maybe you'll understand after you read this.

Laziness: definitely working for me. Since I love a messy house and all.
Sleepiness: working because I love to fall asleep repeatedly, every afternoon, during homework sessions. See also: can't seem to drag my a@@ to bed before 11pm.
Lack of Personal Hygiene: works when you stay in your jammies all day, there is less laundry. And really? Why put on your good clothes when there is the possibility of cleaning a toilet?
No Mojo: works because writing for two sites besides my own was such a good idea, right? Who wants to update their own blog when you can work, for free, for other people? Win/win, I think.
Multiple Projects: certainly works when you have the attention span of a gnat and the decision making skills of a toddler. Bathroom doesn't have a light? No problem! It's more important to choose a trim color for the house. Can't choose a color for the trim? No problem! There is some tax paperwork that needs to be found. Can't find paperwork? ......

Uh, yeah. Welcome back to Works for Me Wednesday, Headless Mom. You've obviously been missed.

Headless Mom


Soliloquy said...

BAHAHAHAHAHA! Think I'll try every. single. one.

Teaching Money to Kids said...

I love that your pedicure fund is sponsored by blogher. Maybe I can get off their witing list so I can put it in the need a babysitter so I can go and finally get a decent haircut fund.
Well, thats my excuse. i just can't find a decent baby sitter.
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Steph said...

I'm not sure what the Japanese note above says, but I would like to know where the "LIKE" button is for this post...

Or better yet, where is the "OMG are you in my house button"?

Headless Mom said...

FYI- I removed a very long spam comment above Steph's comment.

@Steph-When are you coming to my house is the better question!

Anonymous said...

LMBO - this is soooo me!

Anna See said...

Heee Heee! I can soooooo relate. Can't seem to get a darn thing done around here these days...especially going to bed on time. Just looked at the clock-- 12am.

Startup Wife said...

Hahhahaha, I'm laughing so hard at this right now, because I can TOTALLY relate. Well said.