Tuesday, March 30, 2010

American Idol-Top 10

Soul and R&B Night with Usher

Siobhan- Through the Fire- Not her best performance. She looked really uncomfortable, hit some awful notes, and what's up with the knee-sneakers? This is certainly not her genre. I'm not a big fan of her and she did not shine tonight.

Casey- Hold On I'm Coming- Even though it is a safe choice, this is the perfect song for him. The rockabilly feel really suits him. (Ryan, give it a rest with the references to Kara. We get it. It's over.) Judges loved it too, so it looks like he'll be safe.

Mike- Ready for Love- I'm not familiar with this song. It has really started out boring. I know that he sings a great ballad, but this could have been his week to really pick a great upbeat song that showed something different. I didn't love it tonight but I love Mike and he's safe.

Didi- What Becomes of the Brokenhearted- This is not vocally great. I really, really want to like her but I'm losing my love for her. She really hasn't hit her stride yet and I'm not sure she's going to. I love that she tried a new look, but Kara is right. She's lost her vision and her personality.

Tim- Sweet Love- Tim still looks like he hasn't gotten the hang of being on stage. I'm afraid for him this week-he's not hitting the big notes big enough. I think it sounds like he's trying to enunciate too much. The end was better than the beginning, but there's just not much there.

Andrew- Forever- Andrew is back! This is fantastic. He proved tonight why he should be in the top ten. He looks great, sounds great, excellent arrangement. (Uh oh. Randy just said everything that I did! Guess that means that I'm right. Right?)

Katie- Chain of Fools- I think that this song is too old for her. She had a few pitch problems but it was otherwise vocally good, but I don't buy her as a 17 year old singing this. And what's up with the shorts/tights/gladiator heels? I agree with Simon, actually.

Lee- Treat Her Like a Lady- Dude ROCKS the song choices. Best of the night so far-vocally, performance, all of it. Ellen's right-possibly his best of the season! Addendum: Best of the night, period.

Crystal- Midnight Train to Georgia- Is this really a competition anymore? Great start on the piano, great song choice. Killer, Killer performance. I liked that she did something that was different.

Aaron- Ain't no Sunshine- Sorry, but I don't believe it from a 16 year old. He wasn't his usual consistent self tonight, and had some pitch problems, but like Simon said, he's safe.

Bottom 3: Didi, Tim, and Katie

Top 4: Lee, Crystal, Casey, and Mike.

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