Tuesday, March 23, 2010

American Idol-Top 11

Before this even starts I have to say this. In all seriousness.....

Are you kidding me? Miley Cyrus as the "mentor"? Really?

Ok, and as a catch up for y'all, no, I didn't post last week and I haven't even watched it yet. However, if I do (I'm planning on it,) I'll let you know. I actually want a record of what they sang and what I thought of it.

Anyhoo.... On to tonight!

Lee-The Letter- Rocked it! I loved the bluesy, big band feel of this and thought he was super comfortable on the stage and telling the story. Safe, for sure.

Paige-Take a Look at Me Now- Ouch. All of the judges were right. Bless her heart.

Tim-Crazy Little Thing Called Love- (Please don't ruin this for me....) Boring, really. If I close my eyes it doesn't sound awful but there are no great notes either. Aaack! The teeny boppers waving their hands are back. Dude has no rhythm. Judges were right with Tim, too.

Aaron-I Don't Want to Miss a Thing-Really nice. He did a nice job with this, even sick. Safe tonight.

Crystal-Me and Bobby Magee-Perfect. Our opinion? We'll be watching her on awards shows within a couple of years just like Carrie Underwood. Unanimous around here!

Michael-When a Man Loves a Woman-Unbelievable. We've all got chills around here. I really, really liked it.

Andrew-Heard it Through the Grapevine- I really wanted to like this but I don't. Cruise ship karaoke. And does the dude know how to smile? Oh, he's smiling at the end...thankful it's over?

Katie-Big Girls Don't Cry- She's kinda singing through her nose... This song was way too big for her, I think. I'm actually really surprised that she's still around. Like her a lot; don't think she's got a chance. Tonight? Better than in the past so she's probably safe.

Casey-The Power of Love- I like it! Of course, it's not amazing, but it's good. Safe. Thank goodness. Eye candy stays for another week! Kara's right. He could make an album now and we know exactly what it would sound like.

Didi-You're No Good-There were parts of this that I really liked, but parts that I wanted to mute. Facials weren't great-a little too rough maybe? I really like Didi when she's being Didi and she wasn't tonight. I still think she's safe, though.

Siobhan-Superstition- I'm really not sure what to make of this girl. She's geeky but then that big ole voice comes out of her. I don't like this song and her version isn't making me like it any more than I do. She'll be safe, but I don't get it. I thought it was boring actually. The scream at the end? Coulda done without it.

In trouble: Paige, Tim, Andrew
Best of the night: Crystal, Michael

In response to Boo's comment about Miley's short shorts: Not condoning, but it was REALLY hot here last week when they taped her segments. Like, upper 80's, turn on the air conditioning in the car, H.O.T. And? Typical Southern California teenager uniform, seen in every mall from The Valley to San Diego. Go see what BooMama said for yourself!

Headless Mom


Ginny said...

From the husband: "I think the extent of Miley's 'mentorship' is to tell people to look into the crowd. It's all she's got."

Just give it to Bowersox & call it a day. I can't take another one like tonight. It hurt.

Joyce said...

I posted today too...I have girls in college so I get the short thing. I thought she just looked so sloppy and sorta like she needed to clean up. Course I'm not a fan so I'm sure my opinion is colored by that.

Crystal is my favorite but I love Lee too. The bad ones are really really bad though.

Issas Crazy World said...

I love Lee and Michael, but Crystal is phenomenal. I got chills listening to her sing Bobby McGee. I love that Simon said her version was a good as Pink, because I thought that too.

Our electricity went out for a few minutes, so I managed to miss a few of them that I am not so fond of. Oh so sad. ha.

have fun on your trip. Be glad you aren't here. I got two feet of snow last night.

takemetomaui said...

I haven't even seen last night's eposide yet, but I already know that I agree with everything you said! I need to get DVR...

Just Breathe said...

Last night was a hard one. Not to happy with several of them. Miley not much of a mentor and sorry I didn't like the SHORT shorts!

Steph said...

Crystal = yes (The only one that I like)

Miley = yuck 100%

Shorts = HM, you are TOO nice. Unprofessional period.

All IMHO (which doesn't equal anything. LOL)